Doubting This Relationship

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    Ever since this journey became a thing he's started to do, I feel like he hates me. Resents me. Wants me out of his hair. His everything. His life. I feel like I'm just in the way. I feel like I am nothing. Nothing but dirt beneath his shoes for him to disregard for YouTube, Steam, and Reddit. And whenever I pipe up I'm just the crazy girlfriend who wants and expects at least the bare minimum amount of communication and care daily. The only times he cares about me anymore is
    1. He wants to touch me.
    2. I'm having an emotional situation.
    That's it. All other times I'm a chore to acknowledge and appreciate and be around.

    This isn't right. This isn't something I should be feeling. This isn't something he should be doing to me. And this isn't something I should be sitting and thinking about and crying over on the night of our two-year anniversary.

    This is wrong.
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