Down bad with depression inducing fetishes

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Trash545415, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. SandsOfTime

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    Never ever give up bro. Every day is a new opportunity for us. I know finding a strong good habit is hard.
    "The true power of us human beings is that we can change ourselves on our own"
  2. Peaceful magic 21

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    Day one done, does anyone else get highly stressed in conflict while they’re stuck in this addiction cycle. Especially close to a relapse? Maybe I should do the hard mode to build up testosterone and confidence. But then I guess I could lash out instead. I do get very angry when I’ve built it up for a while
  3. SandsOfTime

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    Day 5, if I not engage with nofap community or if i miss1 or 2 days then I'm sure I will relapse. I'm trying to be conscious to not miss a day otherwise strong urges will overtake.
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  4. vulture175

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    That was a good advice of looking at ourselves as a child. Putting so much hate on him after he makes mistakes can cause him more fear, anxiety which would lead to more fallings.
    I understand how it feels when we wanted to get out the cycle so bad but it keeps blocking us inside. I think the anxiety and stress from stuck in the cycle is that when we can't learn a thing from our mistakes, it feels like whatever we do, we can't get out, we get hopeless cuz we thought whatever we learnt did not help us, but i dont think so.
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  5. UnStunned

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    You're just treating yourself the wrong way. The username you've kept for yourself, itself, says a lot. Love yourself a bit. It will be okay. Have you been going out with friends, tried to meet new people? Learning something new? There are literally so many things you can do, but instead of doing all of those if you keep trying to stop watching porn and masturbate then you'll obviously fail because that's what is there in your mind all the time.

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