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  1. Fapstronaut

    This is really getting the better of me. I cant keep going like this.
    I am 18 viewed porn for a long time, maybe 8 years in total and it has resulted in me not being able to feel anything during sex and given me PIED which is really affecting my relationship with my girlfriend. I have really bad stomach issues the doctors say it is IBS and i feel like it could be due to or at least exacerbated by my excessive daily masturbation ( multiple times a day ) and porn use. I am disgusted with myself at some of the things i watch in the moment, even gay things and that just isn't me.
    My longest streak was 8 days and i just need some motivation to get back to the streaks and get out of this shit phase i am in because i can be so much better. During my streak i felt a lot better in many respects but my stomach issues worsened i dont know of its withdrawal or not related but when i pmo it feels good for the day then worse again when i dont.

    Have any people experienced digestive problems due to a severe addiction, and if they went away or improved when you overcame this addiction?
  2. Sam_ba

    Sam_ba Fapstronaut

    Congrats for coming here.
    I don't have answers just wanna let you know that stopping P. Helps a lot to deal with our underlying issues. Maybe yours too.
    What is your plan?

    Together we can do this
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  3. NamaClature14

    NamaClature14 Fapstronaut

    Porn got you early on, it did for me too. Before I was even a teenager in fact.

    So here’s the good news, your bottoming out. Your bottoming out young. Yes, that’s good news because you see early in your life just how bad this shit really is for you and a lot of times hitting bottom is the only thing strong enough to wake us up. Your still young and your mind in general is very impressionable and able to change quickly. It will continue to be that way until 25-30 years old.
    Here’s the bad part, your going to have to face the underlying reasons of your porn use and that is anything but simple or easy.
    Porn is a symptom, not a cause. It can take a lot of attempts & you need to be ok with that and for gods sake do not DO NOT focus on streaks. Make it a life style not a 30-60-90 day challenge.
    Habits, diet, exercise, meditation can all help in this struggle.
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  4. Fapstronaut

    Hey man, that reply has inspired me because i feel like when i focus on a streak, all i can focus on is PMO. But yesterday i did actually decide to delete my app which counts my streak and try to just not think about PMO and fill my day with other things, as you said, "to make it a lifestyle". Starting to read more, and need to get out of the house more and not focus on the streak. Thanks man
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  5. Fapstronaut

    My plan is to really quit this habit for good, and i know i need to replace it with other less harmful/more productive habits.
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  6. testwarz

    testwarz Fapstronaut

    Start the challenge journey bro! 3 days then 7 then 14 30 60 90 and onwards! I’m on day 53 by completing the challenges and staying strong and no temptations
  7. LavaMe

    LavaMe Fapstronaut

    I have stomach issues from stress. I also think PMO can cause them for me.

    I understand why you’d feel disgust, but maybe disappointment is a better way to look at it. Try to frame it as you love yourself enough to want what is best for you. It then makes you sad and disappointed when you do things that are bad for you, like PMO. Disgust tends to be associated with despair and unworthiness. Disgust is like you yelling at yourself telling yourself what a worthless piece of **** you are. You have to love yourself in the right way to successfully seek what is best for yourself.
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  8. Fapstronaut

    That is a good way to put it. And could the withdrawal from porn cause the stomach issues?
  9. LavaMe

    LavaMe Fapstronaut

    I’m no doctor, but I think anytime you make a big change you can experience other changes. In as much as stress/nerves contribute to stomach issues then giving up a PMO habit is going to be a stress of sorts.

    I do know this, sometimes I’d edge for a long time and then not orgasm. If I did that then I’d have stomach issues. I’d feel bloated and uncomfortable. Maybe it was all the vibration? I know for me PMO also irritated my prostrate. So to me PMO can have a serious impact on your body. Stopping it could also cause issues as you adjust to the new reality.
  10. Robinthehood

    Robinthehood Fapstronaut

    Hey buddy. Yes that sounds really hard right now. So everyone is different, but I think the common thing and most important thing is finding that will power from within. Some advice I can give is to add another thing to do that requires will power and strength in the moment, I recommend cold showers. Not only can they change your state for the better when you feel bad or are having strong urges but also using them along side NoFap they can help build will power, determination, learning to experience and ride through an unpleasant experience. So I have one in the morning, I stand there before I jump in thinking of all the shit I want to get away from, how it's only me that can change it, and I think of how I need to be more decisive, you know like if something needs doing - do it now. I let it all build up until I'm deep breathing and fucking sick of all those old habits, fapping to porn, major procrastination also other stuff. Then I jump in there and let it all wash away. After I get used to the cold I realize that what I'm feeling there is so good for me, and far more pleasurable then watching porn. I let the water wash everything away from my mind, then I get out and realise that I did it. That I am in control of myself, not my urges. And slowly I am really believing that, every day a little more.
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