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  1. Arez01

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    A lot of guys here have avatars from DB and I was wondering is it because this show is somehow related to nofap, like fighting with an addiction, self-control, working or anything like that;

    I didn't watch it and this show has like a gorillion episodes and 100 seasons, but if watching it will motivate me to fight with my addiction then I'm down; can anyone who watched it confirm what feelings this show brings?
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  2. gordie

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    This is gonna get a lot of hate but it is one of the dumbest shows ever created, even by anime standards. I’d steer clear of it if you already missed the boat. You’d be hard pressed to find a show so bereft of artistic value.

    Most of the love, I think, is either tied to nerd/ soy culture or nostalgia. I think anime (with few exceptions) has a pretty net negative effect on people in general, so you can take my opinion with that statement as well.
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  3. pezzer

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    I've recently started watching the original dragon ball old old show, and I love it, just think it's a laugh but I've always had an appeal for older cartoons etc. It is littered with a few sexual innuendos cause they could get away with that on TV back then but otherwise I thoroughly enjoy it
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  4. Mr.Tony

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    Oh man, I really loved it!

    I just started the very first session where Kid Goku meets Bulma and they had to go find the Dragon Ball, Really great story!

    I just finished episode 14 of the very first Dragon Ball.

    I don't have time to watch it, unless if it's productive, I watch it in German it's really great to improve my German Listening Skills though.
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  5. Munchausen

    Munchausen Fapstronaut

    It's just nostalgia of our childhood.
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  6. Mr.Tony

    Mr.Tony Fapstronaut

    I've never had the chance to watch it when i was a kid, only a few episodes here and there. I couldn't follow the story that way...

    I remember living through it back in 2007, I only had a PS2 - I remember playing the best Dragon Ball Game, Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tekeichi 3. What an Amazing game, it had story elements from Dragon Ball and DBZ and Dragon Ball GT, and probably some movies i not sure.

    I'm looking forward to play it again.
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  7. hollyman

    hollyman Fapstronaut

    by today standard, sorry but no man no

    and some scene in the old dragon ball is disturbing too (sexually)

    if i want to suggest good anime i suggest Demon Slayer,, they just have 1 sexy character and its not a protagonist not even close, almost all the character is well clothed, the MC is so kind hell kind man not dumb like goku ... the MC is a struggle person you know like his whole family got murdered left only his little sister who sick and he try to find the cure of his sister..

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