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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Fixed Eyes, Nov 29, 2015.

  1. Fixed Eyes

    Fixed Eyes Fapstronaut

    So it as been 7 days since I began the NoFap challenge and everything is going well. I have had some urges here and there, but last night they were particularly strong. I managed to ignore them and go to bed. While I was sleeping, I had a dream where I PMOed. When I woke up I felt guilty and was thinking about getting on the computer to reset my counter, when I realized I couldn't have been in the situation that was in the dream. It was kinda nice because I have renewed my resolve to abstain from porn, but I am also kind of worried that I am having these kinds of dreams.

    Anyone else experienced PMO relapses or similar in dreams? If so did they have any consequences? Should I be concerned or change some behavior?
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  2. jatar

    jatar Fapstronaut

    It's pretty normal to have those types of dreams. I regularly had them when I was just beginning my journey to recovery, when I was paranoid about resetting the counter. You were fighting a relapse the whole day, and during the night your brain was processing this experience and produced a dream. It's similar to how you may dream about school/work when thinking about it a lot during the day. Don't worry about them, they should go away on their own when you become more comfortable in your recovery.
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  3. Red Eagle

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    Had that dream just a few days ago. In the dream I even had that terrible feeling I would have in rl like, shit now I have to start all over again and reset my counter. When I woke up I was glad that it wasn't real.
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  4. dettol

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    Haha awesome, I just posted about having a dream last night I was M. I had forgotten about it until now. I woke myself up as soon as I realised what I was dreaming and was very confused haha. Nothing happened but I find it very encouraging and a sign my brain is rewiring in earnest.

    I think the main difference between us, Fixed Eyes, is I have been M for 20 years and took the decision, 59 days ago, never to M again.
  5. Fixed Eyes

    Fixed Eyes Fapstronaut

    Yea that pretty much sums up my experience. It was more bizarre than anything. From what I have been reading in another thread a lot of people seem to have similar experiences. Thanks for the posts guys, I feel better about it now.
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  6. jpduminy1908

    jpduminy1908 Fapstronaut

    I got the exact dream and I too was worried. When I checked myself, I had not relapsed actually. I too am scared of such dreams so I just sleep completely straight with my pants tight.
  7. Suhail22

    Suhail22 Fapstronaut

    Iam at day 59 and got a dream of relapsing...After relapsing I was even sad in my dream...Then after I got up I realised that it's a dream and felt a relief feeling...
  8. Joshhayze24

    Joshhayze24 Fapstronaut

    It is the 2nd night in a row that I had that type of dream that I relapsed glad I’m not the only one
  9. Rev2.0

    Rev2.0 Fapstronaut

    I do have some of those but I also notice as my streak goes along those dreams decrease in frequency and are replaced by dreams of sex IRL and/or intensely intimate nonsexual interactions, usually with women I know. In short, it's normal and in most cases a sign your brain is starting to heal.
  10. juniormelville

    juniormelville Fapstronaut

    Me too. I just see it as a symptom of something working itself out in my mind. I haven't had any nocturnal emissions this time, but it's only been a week.

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