Dream control/revealing?

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  1. This is a random discussion guys. But I'm just wondering if anybody here on nofap can control there dreams, manifest certain people into them at all or do what they want willingly? I've been digging a whole lot deeper into what dreams mean and what gets filtered threw out the night on nightly basis. Especially what do certain situations mean in dreams like flight, swimming, or seeing a past family member? Especially receiving a kiss from somebody you've never met before. Which has happened to me countless times.

    I've been trying to learn to control in the past but I've never really got the hang of it. I've had certain dreams where I've realized I was dreaming but then it stops... I'm just wondering if there are any experts out here?
  2. I don't think dreams mean anything, unless it's some kind of miraculous vision from God. Dream psychology is pretty flawed and silly.

    I have had lucid dreams before though, where I could control things and make certain people show up or whatever. But it's just a dream. It's like playing make believe in your head, only it feels more real to you. You're not "manifesting" anything into existence. You're just thinking about stuff.
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    Yeah, I've always assumed it's the little chap in the back of my brain doing the filing. He sits there every night trying to piece it all together muttering stuff like "That won't do at all.. Are you sure he was green? And where did all the spoons come from? " and then replaying random stuff to check...

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