Dreaming and dopamine

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    Hi all,

    I mentioned this subject very briefly in my introduction to this site but I wanted to make it its own thread as it amazed me.

    Basically I unwittingly went on a 15 day streak a week ago (kept myself busy with decorating the house and after went on holiday) and noticed something brilliant. This may not sound great to you but for as long as I can remember of my adult life I've stopped dreaming, but on my streak, by about day 7 I started getting vivid dreams. And not only that I awoke feeling amazing and well rested.

    Normally I am a shit sleeper and often wake up tired groggy and sometimes anxious. Not after the streak. I looked into it to see if there could be a connection with NoFap and saw a couple of posts on Reddit.

    One of the posts shared a link to a scientific paper that explained that dopamine plays a major role in sleep, and that if lab rats had their dopamine system shut down they were unable to sleep. This shocked me.

    Could all of these years of feeling tired be because of me PMOing? Also I tend to wank at night and when I do I am unable to fall asleep which is shit as I end up staying up all night and having to work on 0 sleep.

    Anyway. I thought I'd share this with you all as it was strong evidence to me that PMO does indeed impact and ruin our dopamine system, enough to mess with the quality of sleep.

    I hope this knowledge inspires you to want to dream like you did when you were a child.

    Sweet dreams X
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  2. I'm having more vivid dreams too at day 7. Agree dopamine involved probably because not having PMO induced surges.
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    I also noticed sleeping better the first 2-3 weeks. But around week 5 I started to wake up a lot during the night with almost painfull boners.. it also takes longer to fall asleep.. I still dont get why

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