Dreams of Famous People

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  1. Have you ever had a dream with a famous person in it? If so what happened?

    Here's two I remember:

    I dreamt that I saw Alex Scott and asked her out on a date. She said yes and then all of a sudden she kissed me.

    Another one was when Beyoncé came to my old church and I prayed for her.

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    I’ve had a dream where I was neighbours and good mates with both Peter Theil and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock), and our 3 mansions connected through a huge courtyard. I didn’t have a girlfriend in this dream, and neither did they, so to get a few (yes, a few, lmao) we hosted this extravagant party in the courtyard with powdered gold, gems and whatnot. We attracted heaps of female celebs (many of them I can’t think of at the top of my head atm), but one of them was somehow my crush from secondary school. She and Peter Theil suddenly started dating and they got married that same night. I found a woman that The Rock was also interested in, so we agreed to a three-way marriage that night before the woman, apparently not interested in me, suddenly kicked me out of it. I was then asking my crush to divorce Peter Theil, which led to drama between us two, and during the drama I shouted out something about his affairs with other women, which then caused my crush to divorce him and run away. I then immediately chased after her, but as i left my property, I woke up.

    This happened like a few nights after a relapse, so of course it was about relationships. I also immediately knew this was a dream because Peter Theil is gay. But, it was quite strange.
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  3. Oh, all the time. I have crazy vivid dreams almost every night sometimes, and they often involve celebrities.

    One of them that I always remember because it was so awkwardly hilarious:

    So I was at a grocery store, and I saw Kevin Bacon. And I was all excited to see him and then he told me (super straight faced, by the way... he didn't smile once through the entire exchange) about how he met some woman once and she wasn't excited about meeting him. And then this conversation happened:

    Me: what? That's crazy! She should be excited!
    Him: Why?
    Me: Because you're amazing!
    Him: I know. *walks away*
    *end of dream*

    It just cracked me up when I woke up and remembered that, because it was like the lamest, most awkward celebrity encounter in the world. Lol that was our entire exchange. I was like "omg, its Kevin Bacon!" And then that happened and he walked away.
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  4. Lol! For some reason, I thought you'd have a crazy dream to tell us about. Lol!
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  5. truthseeker17

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    Do you guys believe in (the interpretation of ) dreams?
  6. tweeby

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    Dream Doc here, what is it that you wish you understand?
  7. Pretty sure OP doesn't want to turn this into that kind of thread.
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    Just this past night I dreamed I was making out with Aisha Tyler.
  9. Yes, it's a fun thread for dreams about famous people. @truthseeker17 can always start his own thread about the meaning of dreams if he likes.
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