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  1. TeamUSASwan

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    I had the first sexual dream of my life last night in my first week of NoFap. I didn't ejaculate but it was the most intense dream I've ever had and the first time I've been distinctly aroused by a dream. What does this mean in terms of my recovery process?
  2. Namekian23

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    Interesting. I remember when I was younger, my wet dreams were vivid as well. Nowadays, since I'm an adult and dealing with stressors in life such as school and work, I just don't get enough sleep to have those lucid dreams. I rarely had wet dreams until I joined NoFap. It was my first wet dream in years, but I kind of forgot how it went. The dreams are suppose to go away once you continue with NoFap. I went from having a few wet dreams to probably only one every month. It's a good thing, I suppose. Just keep doing what you're doing. Good luck.
  3. Jimb0

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    Team USA. You might have wet dreams in the beginning. I had wet dreams occur every 20 days when I went for 90 days, but this time around I haven't had any. I think when your body gets use to it your body will adapt and you won't have them anymore. Just be patient. I also wouldn't reset your counter because I believe it's all part of the process. Good luck.

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