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    I started nofap... Today is my day14.. I have many wet dream.. I think why the wet dream are coming. . .my point if view. . You are in nofap.. Brain dopamine and reward system does not go to peak.. .so in sleep you are unconscious so brain is to invest this type of dream. .. It's the only I know

    It's correct or wrong pls comment
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    It's interesting to me that so many on NoFap have wet dreams because even on my longest streak (90-ish days) I never had a single one. Of course I am also nearly 54 yrs old and have disappointingly small loads even when I've abstained for several weeks (and believe me I've tried all the diet hacks and supplement "stacks" and none of them made any difference )... so maybe it's just me being old and not producing enough of the stuff to have any excess.

    My personal opinion is yeah they're messy and can be embarrassing but it means your body is working as it should.
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    Yes, I experience the same thing. Beside dreaming, I always had a though or imagination eventho nothing seems triggers me. The urge is too strong up to point I just lay down for hours doing nothing.

    Will wait for your update to know how you overcome this.
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