drinker beer now feel like relapsing.

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  1. Does anyone else have the problem of once they drink beer you get very horn and want to relapse. I am running through that problem right now. How do I avoid not relapsing I knew i should not have drinker but I was out with freinds.
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  2. Devorian

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    I know what you are feeling. Sadly once I have one drink I have more then gone. But once I even have one drink I get urges. Just stay busy and don't be alone. Surround yourself in a environment where relapsing would really not be the best idea.
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    Alcohol removes inhibitions. This can be a problem for many recovering. So the question you may ask yourself is, "Does this count as a conscious relapse?" If you chose to get drunk, classical moral theory would say yes, you are responsible for the things you do in an incapacitated state if you willingly put yourself in that state. On the other hand, if say, you thought you were drinking a "standard" drink and your friends convinced the bartender to increase the alcohol value significantly, and you were way above where you thought you were (you had 2-3 standard drinks instead of the 1 you thought you had), then it's possible you're not fully responsible for the relapse.

    You noted you had beers, so short of the beers being spiked, the above caveat isn't likely.
  4. Endlessknight

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    I have the exact same issue. That's why I gave up recreational drugs and alcohol for my reboot. Not sure if there is any other way around it.

    Maybe now would be a good time to take a break from drinking? Make your reboot a time to focus on health.
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  5. The strange thing is I usually don't drink but today me and a bunch of buddies where going golfing they started drinking so I said screw it. I hear by now quit drinking it's pointless and harmful. Even if I don't relapse nothing productive gets done. I'll count it as a relapse no worries back on the wagon here we goy boys.
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  6. RedPillRebooter

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    Drinking was partially responsible for my last relapse (although mostly weed).

    However alcohol alone usually calms me down depending on how far I am in my reboot there's nothing that will get me to relapse.

    But a getting drunk before I go to bed helps me sleep
  7. Yeah not me I just get very bad urges unfortunately.
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  8. nofepper

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    i don't relapse same night when i come home after drinking, but next day after hard drinking urges are like hell.
  9. Yeah I relapsed the next day as well. Alcohol brings the worst out of me.
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  10. nofepper

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    Yes, last time i was drunk was at friday, at saturday i had big urges, but i overcome it and days after it i don't have any urge. So basically my problem is alcohol (day after) and lack of sleep. When i don't have enough sleep i am depressed and i have urges as well. I'll continue without alcohol to see what's gonna happen.
  11. Kerouac

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    Though it's unfortunate that you found yourself in this situation, there is something useful here. In a way, you've learned something, and should be thankful: one of your triggers is involved.

    It could be: beer, drinking, less inhibitions, being out with friends. If you can, think about that moment, what went on in your mind. Don't be angry with yourself, just try to view it like a movie. Or sometimes like a detective going through a crime scene (this is what I tell myself, lol).

    When you find a trigger, do your best to avoid it. Fill it with something else instead. Try drinking nonalcoholic drinks with friends -- it's crazy, but I've seen worse.

    True story: for my health, I stopped eating large high-calorie meals. Some of my friends only eat these, and we would go out regularly. I had to actually work up the nerve to order the vegetarian and lite options wherever we went. But you know what? Now it's a game. They will joke with me, but secretly they are jealous of my willpower to order a salad!
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  12. loterius

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    It prevents/helps me often to control futher craving after some light porn watching!!.

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