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    Alright so I'm 17ish and I have only a few more years till I'm legally allowed to drink. At this moment, I am not really keen on drinking or getting drunk especially with concerns regarding starting another addiction. What have your experiences been with alcohol? Would your life have been better without it? Should I try to get drunk at least once? If not, how do I resist any possible temptations and peer pressure in the future?
  2. Interesting question! I think it's awesome you are aware enough to even ask it at your age.

    I'm not sure life is better or worse because it depends on the person and random chance. Drinking and getting drunk is classified as risk plain and simple. You can do things to mitigate the risk. For example don't drink and drive or make sure that you drink with people who will not take advantage or you in you compromised state. However if you choose to drink there are risks to your health, people around you and possible long term problems like addiction etc. If you choose not to drink you have to weigh the loss of possibly interesting life experiences. It's come down to risk tolerance vs "fear of missing out" in my opinion. Own you choice and don't let people pressure you one way or the other.
  3. I sort of talked about this in another thread, but here goes. First off, most people drink alcohol in some form or another, so it isn't evil. That being said, i don't like it. I went through a phase where i drunk, for a few years, (starting before it was ahem...strictly legal) but i never really liked it, i just did it. To be clear, it had nothing to do with peer pressure because i've never been affected by that sort of thing and to honest i've never understood people who are. If i don't want to do it no one has any say over that but me and trust me, in the long run people will respect you a lot more for it. Anyway, i just drank to try it and because it was sort of a normal thing to do until i realised i didn't like what it did to me. I don't like looking stupid and not being in full control of my emotions. It was actually through seeing other people drunk that i realised what i must look like and decided not to drink anymore. Plus, there are a lot of potential down sides...health effects, accidents, saying stupid things, possible addiction, you name it. So, i don't recommend it, but you may have to try it for yourself to reach that conclusion. (On a side note, i was never a drunk, i kind of made it sound like that, but i only drank sporadically)
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  4. You got it right already. Why pick up another destructive habit you don't have. In the US, drinking is prevalant and considered normal but doctors consider alcohol to be one of the most addictive and dangerous drugs there is based on the number of people who died alcohol related deaths.

    I started drinking in college. I had alot of fun getting drunk and I went through a phase where I was always looking forward to going out getting drunk as fuck and doing crazy shit. Alcohol messes with your reasoning capabilities and makes you fearless. I was still a little insecure so when I would drink Id be way more social, be funnier and do much better with women than I did when sober. Once I got to my 30s it started to effect me differently and I no longer enjoyed it so I stopped for the most part. Recently I went on a cruise w my fam and I did alot of drinking.

    Alcohol is horrible for you and using it will take years off your life. I wont tell you not to because I had a lot of fun with it. If you're interested and you have self control then go ahead but I wouldn't recommend doing it on the regular. Go slow, because getting sick on alcohol is a very shitty experience.
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  5. lovelyDay

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    Try at least once and then you wil see is that for you or not.

    Everybody should try and to choose, those are my 2 cents :)
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    It's fun,
    it gives you a sense of relief and joy..
    Just make sure not to drink too much.. cause hangover is not fun at all.
    (2 bottles of beer and a couple of shots would be more then enough)
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  7. u376

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    Don't do it
    I have seen many for just giving it a "try"...both smoke and drink
    And later I have seen those very same troubled because of their addiction
    ....this statement is coming from a boring a teetotaler and non smoker.....
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    So because of how prolific it is it isn’t evil? Talk about following the crowd.
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  9. Contentful T

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    The feeling is actually you being poisoned.

    I reached the point where it is no longer fun to poison yourself.
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  10. Blossom

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    How much alcohol did you drink that you felt like poisoning yourself?
    It also depends on the circumstances in which you drink.
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  11. Well, i didn't quite mean it that way. I meant there are plenty of people who drink regularly without any problem and its no big deal. Since the beginning of time people have had something to drink at social situations and most of them turn out just fine. A lot of people drink without getting "drunk" also. They might have one beer or a glass of wine with dinner or something like that. In the end, i think it depends on the person.
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    Honestly, if you can, I would avoid it entirely. My life before discovering alcohol was much simpler. It's kind of like porn in that way; I miss the guy I was before starting with either.

    I won't tell you that you can't have a good time with it. That's not true. I will tell you that, for every good time I've had with alcohol, I've had at least three bad experiences with it.

    It does not taste good, in my opinion. Beer, wine, or hard liquor, I've never found any brand which tastes as good or is as refreshing as regular tap water. I've never had a drink for the taste.

    The worst thing is that it steals your time. If you have to go to work after tying one on, you are going to have a bad time. If you are watching a movie or doing something else more memorable, there is a chance you may not remember the event.

    Basically, it is unnecessary.
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  13. I been drinking since I was 7. It's a culture where I am from.
    I do not think it would have better because all intelligent persons I know had some vice that brought them comfort. And that's pretty much mine.
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    If you drink, do it responsibly. If you can't do that, don't drink at all.
  15. Wow
    Most of you here saying alcohol is bad really know the benefits. It calms and helps your heart. Also makes blood flow easier. Alcohol is not bad because even Jesus's consumed the finest wine once.
    It's over drinking to get drunk that's bad.

    Stop confusing the too please.
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  16. Ra's Al Ghul

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    legalists love their legalism, that's all. Ignore them.
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    Drinking alcohol is stupid imo. Any sort of benefit from it could also come from other sources like exercise, while you’re now stuck with the negatives.
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    I'm from Italy, and we have no alcohol prohibition, actually there is a prohibition for kids under 16 yo, but it's no big deal, if a 15 yo kid wants to buy alcohol he has no problem buying it at a supermarket.

    Getting drunk around 17\18 years old is quite normal (at least when i was that age).

    This said, we don't have any particular problem with alcohol addiction. Kids get drunk 1 or 2 times, they understand it's no big deal, and that's it.

    I thing that the kind of alcohol prohibition you have in america probably make thing worst. Make something forbidden and all kids are going for it, set it free and they probably will not give a fuck...
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  19. SorryWontSayIt

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    Good thing you are aware and are already asking questions like this! But when it comes to alchol there is not really an answer. As you see already people got different views on alcohol and that is for good reasons.

    Alcohol can be fun for a lot of people, for many people it can be a way to easier be social and more open towards each other (even tho it is in many ways sad that we can't talk to everyone without alcohol).
    But alchol can also create addiction as you are already aware of, which won't only hurt yourself, but family and friends. It can destroy yourself and people around you.

    But something I want to include when it comes to alcohol, is that you don't have to have an addiction to cause damage with it. Some people who drink alcohol while angry for example often have an easier time doing stupid shit like starting figths etc. But also some people drink and drive, which can damage other people or even kill someone (even tho you are not an addict).

    I myself drink alcohol - but not too much, not too often.

    I know people who are addicted to it and it have destroyed many relationships with both family and friends with that person. It is not that people don't want to help the person, but the person changes and don't really understand it anymore. They lose themself.

    So what I recommend you if you choose to try:
    -Don't drink too fast.
    -Don't drink too much.
    -Know what you drink, some alcohol is stronger then others which you are most likely aware of.
    -Eat before you start drinking.
    -If you feel that it is too much, stop and drink some water.
    -Something else I personally helped me the first time I drank alcohol, was to let a friend of me know that I did not have a lot of experience - so that person could watch out for me.
    -Also, often people sit when drinking alcohol, try to move around a bit - then you will be easier aware of how drunk you really are.

    If you choose to resist and stay awar from alcohol, I belive it is great!
    I will tell you already now, you will meet people that ask you why you don't drink and ask you to drink.
    -I have some friends who like to get fucked up by alcohol while at party (we don't party a lot, but they go all in when they do), I don't think it is a good idea, and I have friends who drink just a little bit, and I have friend that don't drink at all.
    -Most likely you will meet others that does not drink
    -If your friends don't accept that you want to stay away from alcohol, they are not really good friends.
    -Give them a reason if you can, or "create" a reason. Say you have to wake up early tomorrow, say you want to workout tomorrow, just say you want to do something that is important to you (worked for me very often).
    -Just stand up for who you are, and don't let other people create you.

    Note: From my experience alcohol can create big problems when it comes to nofap. The urges will increase after drinking (specially when you are hangover - which is really bad regardless of nofap or not).

    So in the end, don't do it if you don't want to - and if you want to be careful - don't use it as an escape - be careful if you meet angry drunk people at the clubs - take care of other people if they have lost their control.
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  20. Jen@8675309

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    Know your limits and stick to them. Being pressured to drink is high-school bullshit, and you shouldn't pay any attention to that if it happens. Only bad things happen when you drink too much.
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