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    My usual sex drive is missing. Idk what happened but my high energy sex drive that I usually have around this time of a reboot is missing. Now I just don't really want to talk to anyone, I feel unusually calm and i don't feel any need to have conversation with females even though I definitely want some sort of sexual relationship. I still get erections and weirdly enough they seem stronger than before. Is this a flatline or could it be something else im not considering. BTW I'm only 10 days into my reboot.
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    You might wanna update your counter here:

    I wouldn't be too worried if that happened to me at day 10. You might've had a wet dream without realizing it. I had a sexual dream a few nights ago and I thought when I woke up that there'd been no ejaculation that night, until I later saw some white stains on my shirt during breakfast and concluded that it could only be cum. I lost the fire as well and felt calmer and less energized for a few days since that day.
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    I have the same problem. It has been like that for months. No-one knows what it is and I start to lose the last bits of hope.

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