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    I relapsed yesterday.
    Porn is the reason why i wanna smoke meth.
    Usually i relapse on sundays its not a big deal coz i can junp on the train right away and be consistent for 2-3 weeks so i jist fap only every second or 3 week.
    The reason i relapsed was i got nothing to do and was laying in my bed wigh my phone. I got so horny and i started to watch porn just for a sec then i switched to news and again on porn and landed on porn.
    I got so horny and wanted to get some meth and watch porn all day and night.
    The only reason i could hinder myself to go and get some meth was to fap and cum. After i came there were no need to smoke some meth.
    Well better relapse than relapse with meth. Im happy that i did not meth i would end up smoking my brain away and would have the next 2 or 3 weeks withdrawal
    So no drugs !!
    The best way not to relapse is to do work tjats and get a hobby like lifting or whatever.
    What i also realize: my problem is not porn its fapping allone.
    Once i havent watched porn for 6 months but fapping. No difference.
    Fapping is the problem and porn just a catalyst ans least in my case. Im glad that i know this
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  2. Good luck for the future !
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