1. ForeverChanges

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    Can somebody tell me if a dry orgasm sends the semen to the bladder or semen remains in the body? I am talking about an orgasm performed the way Mantak Chia and other gurus teach.
    When you have sex with women they normally expect you to cum. When this does not happen they feel disappointed and not wanted.
    Now lm 40something days in a no orgasm streak and dont want to lose this magical feeling. I am intended to find someone who l make a deep connection and ONLY then make love and all. Not really interested in casual sex. BUT as l told you, l want to keep my semen. I wouldnt mind to sacrifice my orgasm but as l told mostly all women expect you to cum.
    Any thoughts/ideas there?
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  2. Boanerges777

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    You shouldn’t be indulging in any sexual activity. Your here for porn addiction correct? Heal your brain first.
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  3. when you do that dry O, do you masturbate?
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    I havent masturbated since i started nofap and before that did not kniw about all this. I am thinking more in the future than now. I woulnt even want to touch my penis during an erection but l want to understand well concepts and hear peoples opinions. I wouldnt want to start training these techniques un some months minimum as l am doing fine in nofap and dont want to ruin this thing.
    Thanks guys!
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  5. Grey is colourless

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    'getting up' burns immense amount of jing. You will feel drained long term because you will be. If loosing semen is like fighting and bleeding heavily. Getting it up and feeding that loop mentally is like running a marathon

    Mantka Chia has lots of warnings against him. All his teachings are low level crap with a spin on it to make it look some great master. Lots of stuff about him on forums. One million dollar point technique can blow up a semen vesesl in your perinium. Dont think you want that kind of thing. You probably need urgent surgery if that happens
  6. SaveTheSeedofLife

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    How did you know you had a dry one to begin with? you had to masturbate to find out. Either way if you ejaculate and there is no semen coming out, your semen went into your bladder and that is NOT GOOD in medical terms and you need to see an urologist since you had a retrograde ejaculation, it can be due to medication, a valve issue, prostate inflammation, other medical condition. Notes a side, as you do not ejaculate semen, your sperm is accumulated and it needs to be released. In consensus, you either have a wet dream to get rid of old sperm that is no good ( they are not strong enough anymore ) or it is leaked out, in some cases the body will reabsorb your sperm (recycled into your blood stream). You can not stop this since that is a normal function of the male anatomy and every dude's body is different and program genetically. You are still retaining semen even if this happens due to you still have fresh reserves in you and your at max level regardless if you had a W.D or leaked. You are going to hear a lot of different stories, recommendations and crazy comments from this community, not everyone is informed correctly and not every one has good intent and every one has their own beliefs or what they WANT to believe so I suggest take everyone's info like a grain of salt including mines and do your OWN research backed by medical community like WEBmD and seek medical advice for proper info. Your overall health is important bro. Good Luck.
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