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    I think this is an unfair and judgemental statement towards working mothers, even if it was unintended. This is not coming from a place of personal offense, as I was fortunate enough to be able to stay home with my children, but I wanted to go to bat for those that do work for various reasons. Many are not able to stay home and many feel they are better cut out to be working parents. I just want to point out that both working moms and stay at home moms love their kids equally and always have their kids' best interests at heart.
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    Right!? Once I had to fight for two weeks just to get my husband to block those ridiculous click-bait ads on "news sites" that have a picture of a pretty young woman and a caption that reads something like, "Lower your home mortgage rates!". That's when I knew he was bad off. He was like an alcoholic searching through the cabinets for rubbing alcohol to drink.
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    Wow. That's awful. The worst for me is when he looks up young women that he knows on facebook. He has alot of really young female coworkers, and a young female cousin with friends who he is also "friends" with. He claims that he's not doing anything but they're people he knows and sometimes he just gets curious what they're up to. Hw do you rebuttal that? I sometimes look up my male friends too because I am genuinely curious what they're up to, as we haven't talked in awhile. I can't prove that he's up to anything. But as I've said before, I'd.rather he look up porn and pictures of naked celebrities. At least those women are unattainable.
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  4. The problem with Facebook is that once you friend someone, you don't want to unfriendly them in case they get insulted - but this might be what your husband should do. I now only ever use Facebook for work. It is a waste of space anyway.

    I think this is something that cannot really be policed. There are rarely anything bad on it though as far as I can see. Personally, I now think social media (except NoFap, that is awesome) is really a bit sad TBH.
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    I don't think that is true any longer. You can (and I have) certainly "unfollow" friends but I thought I had read that the unfriending process could be done more discreetly than in the past. Again, I haven't tried it myself. I am on facebook a lot less than I used to be, I think this forum takes up the random time I had to browse facebook. I like to say porn is "empty", facebook is at least 90% empty.

    Unfollowing would be great for anyone posting a lot of suggestive pictures, but I only used it for acquaintances with political views that were wacko.
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  6. Yes, 'unfollowing' is a great way to avoid seeing things posted by people you don't want to offend by unfriending them because they won't know . If you unfollow them, nothing they post will be included in your news feed with everyone else's posts. However, if you go to their page, you'll still see everything they post.
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