Easier way to reboot?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by notAlone, Sep 13, 2015.

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    I'm quite new here, but haven't seen a discussion on the point I'm going to expose, so I'm making a new thread.

    Apparently, the process of rebooting is starting when you stop PMO suddenly, to cure yourself. So I imagine, ppl go from a state where they PMO (very) frequently to total abstinence overnight.

    My question now: wouldn't it be easier to go through different stages?
    Let me explain with an exemple: let's pick a guy who is PMO'ing once every day.
    Maybe the first stage would be to PMO only once every 2 days for some time (1 week for instance), then go once every 3 days, and so on.

    I don't know if any of you already experienced this, but I would like to know if that could be beneficial. I myself am doing a hard reboot after extensive PMO everyday, but the transition is hitting like a truck now. Maybe going for a smoother transition would be better (but not doing it now, I'm 13 days in, and I won't P or M anytime soon!)
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    Those who go cold turkey probably have very servere addictions to pornography material that doesn't match their morals and maybe not thier sexuality either.

    I agree. When I started rebooting unknowingly before nofap I'd convinced myself that sperm retention is what I was needing, so I'd watch porn a bit and no mo. To train myself.

    There are benefits to phasing out of porn use I.e. you're more likely to not relapse and it gets easier the long you do it as you've built in a phasing out process.

    BUT your reboot will take longer meaning you'll be experiencing more negative withdrawals for potentially longer period of time.
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    I'd say it depends on your determination. Those who are truly determinated AND READY to quit this addiction will go cold turkey. Those who aren't ready yet will go progressively and that is okay. We each have to go at our own rythm.

    As for me, as soon as I found this site and realised that I was deeply addicted to PMO, I quit cold turkey and never PMO'd again. There's no way I would gradually stop consuming what was ruining my life. It's cold turkey or nothing. Of course, if you decide to go cold turkey, you need to be informed and learn the science behind it. You need to understand exactly what's going on in your brain. I spent hours reading articles on yourbrainonporn.com and how porn affects the brain.

    Cold turkey is always the best way buddy. Pain first, pleasure later. The sooner you quit, the sooner you'll be completly healed. If you don't feel like you're ready yet, I suggest going through youtube and watch success stories. You can also read success stories on here, they help a lot. You need to feel deep inside your sould that you have to quit.

    As for the withdrawal symptoms you seem to be afraid of, they won't kill you. Sure, it sucks (I'm experiencing a lot right now), but they eventually disappear. What's cool is that you can control them by keeping yourself busy and positive thinking. You'll have no choice to face them and as I said, be informed! Understand every of those symptoms. They're all brain related.
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