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  1. I was thinking and it just hit me guys, the truth is you will never be able to fully stick to a schedule and you do not need to either. Instead of saying I absolutely have to take a cold shower every single day why not instead just take one whenever you bathe instead and not using hot water, if you try making it a daily thing then you will feel like a failure when you do not achieve it perfectly, is a little bit not better then nothing? Instead of pushing yourself to the limit when running why not just run a little farther then yesterday if you can, gradual building is more sustainable in the long run and you will not mentally burn out that way.
  2. This may be common but that depends on your attitude. There are people who work out regularly but not everyday, that obviously still has benefits. You can apply this to showers or anything else, missing a day is not going to kill you. It's not the part about trying to do something regularly that's a problem, it's the psychological part where you beat yourself up and think you're a failure that's a problem. A schedule doesn't criticize you, that perfectionist part of your mind does.
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  3. I agree being a perfectionist will push you to new limits but will always leave you feeling empty inside, I think we as humans approach hard tasks with a perfectionist mind set where we have to learn as much as possible as fast as possible and give ourselves no room to breathe, this is not sustainable and always leads to a burn out.
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    As the person above said, it varies from person to person. You can start doing cold shower gradually increasing the cold, for me I was always freezing during the start but you get used to it it's not beating yourself up until failure it's just getting used to it. Do whatever works for you don't worry much about it. (At the winter it never gets easier :D).
  5. no matter what, I can't take a cold shower. LOL, I tried. I even searched on google and youtube about how to take a cold shower. I took 2 cold showers and I can't anymore. LOL

    I'm still not convinced about the benefits.
  6. You just have to jump in there, I started with the coldest and didn’t work my way up. What I do is point the water down and jump into it, start with the lower body and then step back and let it get on your legs and feet. Then let it soak your chest for a while and after that turn side to side, get under the arms and hit back last.

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