Easiest way to get rid of PMO addiction and sexual imbalances

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    Current streak: 392 days no PMO, semen retention.

    The easiest way to get rid of PMO or sexual imbalances is outdoor sports and long walks. The energy gets balanced if you do some running every day or some type of physical exercise.

    Exercise releases dopamine so less need to get it from porn. Also if you ever relapse if you start to work out right away it's more easy to be balanced again physically and mentally. You have less urges and binging.

    A healthy body is a prelude to a healthy mind both are connected. I haven't meditated or done difficult practices all my life to be balanced but I always worked out.

    Conclusion: put some shoes on and do some running or outdoor sports to get rid PMO or sexual imbalances.
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    yes, good point
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    I love this and I agree as well! I've always done exercise on all the long streaks I've had. If I stay sedentary and especially indoors, I usually end up relapsing.
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    I definitely agree, though for me it is swimming. Never been much of a runner.
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  7. Yes - an long walks seem to be a key to mental health as well.

    a couple of things can enhance both of these...
    With workouts and excercise, I think they have to be mindful do not just go through the motions - you really have to work to get that 'high'/release - also being mindful of your body puts you back in an associative vs. a dissociative state.
    walking: as much as possible try to make it in touch with nature as well. Any kind of walking is good but you get extra benefits from nature. If this is not possible at least try to note any nature you might see - even most cities have tree lined streets, singing birds, etc - all these things help you stay in the moment.
  8. So regular walks of on hour 7 days a week and a workout like 10x push ups, squats, crunches, and 20x super man holds, in a cicuit. That will help me get off pmo
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    Yes, it will help more than you think
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  10. on long streaks i walked 7 days a week, now some like 2 times, i gonna take a walk tonight. Do you suggest listening to music while walking?
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    Sure, if it's music you like it can make the walk more enjoyable. I certainly love working out and listening to music.
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  12. you may also try without and try what is called a 'noting' practice- simply note things you see, if you mind gets distracted note that - so lets say you're walking down the street:

    'man walking by'
    'bird singing'
    ( you start worrying about work)
    (you get back on track)
    'people talking'

    it's deceptively simple but very effective for building mindfulness.
    When you work out I would suggest really trying to be aware of your body - you'll have a better work out and again, get out of your head and into reality.
  13. thank you. I am always a lot in my mind thinking about all sorts of stuff. this may help me a lot.

    By working out you mean focusing on movement and on the muscle that you are using?
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  14. yes, not in an overly focused way but be 'present' as they say- treat it like you would practice a martial art - would you walk into a martial arts studio with your headphones on? :)
    You'll get a lot more out of training if you train mindfully.
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  15. I'm glad you qualified it as outdoors, because not only are mind and body connected but the body and the environment are connected. The traditional environment in addiction recovery is only a social one, and there is no guarantee that the people in the group(s) you attend will have an appreciation of the outdoors and nature. But all nature means is how things function normally, rather than just what is socially acceptable or what the group happens to adopt as a standard. (of course urban environments are a bit different, but still you can make the best of it)

    Of course, that's not going to happen by spending a lot of time reading stuff online either, even if it is the NoFap forum.
  16. Sports are great but... Even on days where I run like 5 kilometers, do 300+ push-ups I still get really horny. Idk, youth I guess.
    But yes, sports are great!
  17. That may be partly because you were really active. But there's also the mental part. Being horny of course also doesn't mean you have to act out through PMO.
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    Then what should I do when I'm horny
  19. It depends on the person and what led up to it. For example if I say meditate or examine the mind when that happens, if someone doesn't have the attention span in that moment that's not going to be too helpful if they don't have the prior training to do it. (also we have to ask how long people tend to get horny for - some people it's not that long other people it could be like the whole day, at least some times) If you don't have mental training (yet) you are probably looking at doing physical stuff like cold showers and so on. But like they say around addiction recovery, focus on the solution. I would say we don't have just one solution, but there are different solutions - and the more specific you get about which ones work best in your situation the more successful you'll be. You could also do more than one thing, like a cold shower AND meditate. But actually both of these things are long term training or can be, especially meditation. Actually for people who do it for health and resilience it's not just about getting rid of urges temporarily but about being able to control the (normally) involuntary response of the body. Like anything the more you do it the better you'll be at it.
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