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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Cockyau, Jul 7, 2016.

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    Great thing I found.
    I like to do thing in an excessive or addictive way; e.g. playing my mobile games for more than 8 hours daily, watched P and fapped whole day long, scrolled my Facebook for nothing. Well, especially bad things you can say, but some nice things as well. It's all history.

    Inevitably, I need torrent site to download ebooks, movies and many other stuff, but I used it for P purpose last time whenever I relapsed. And recently I'm visiting Facebook too much and slipping back to the scrolling habit so I went and googled it shown up an extension called "blocksite". It can block website and words. For instance, I just typed a word "porn" in kat.cr and a picture shown up said it's blocked! And typed "facebook" in the search bar, it's blocked! Fantastic!!

    But that's not enough, I tried to allowed it in incognito but it doesn't really work. So I disabled the incognito. Now that's great; I don't really have any access (or not yet?) to P and facebook (only messenger in my phone) and also can use torrent website "safely".

    And extra info: I clicked the "porn addiction" section in NoFap here, and it's blocked lol.
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