ED after 90 days????

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    I am 20 years old. During the beginning of the year I completed the 90 day challenged and experienced the benefits most people receive on nofap. However, three months ago work and school was very overwhelming. I ended up watching porn and masturbating. Now I am 2-3 months free of porn. However, I still have ED. Before, I only had casual relationships or one night stands. Now, I have a girlfriend, my first. I can get it up with her easily initially, but when I get inside her I lose my erection. Please help, this is becoming a problem.
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    Spend some intimate time with your girlfriend but don't get your penis involved. Think of it as making love with your underpants on.
    By that I mean just relax and be intimate, give her a massage, hold her close and makeout with her, touch each other and just be close. I think your ED is coming from stress about your ED. So take that pressure off yourself. Give yourself a chance to experience intimacy without the stress of worrying what your penis will do. Once you relax and reconnect with how pleasurable intimacy can be I bet you erections will come back.

    This approach is really helping my ED, yes I still have sex but some nights I just do the above with my girlfriend. Removing expectation also removes the stress of not meeting those expectations. Just enjoy the time with your woman, communicate with her about how you feel and above all just relax.
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    Please try to relax.
    Stress and overthinking about erections will not help.
    take loads of time with foreplay.
    Put your penis in for a minute and if you feel yourself going soft take it out and go onto some other sex act.
    When you a hard again repeat.
    You can make a little game out of it.

    Another one that was recommended to me years ago was getting her to jack you off near her vagina and sticking it in when you are past the point of no return.
    This is just stuff I've researched in the past by all means do your own research or seek professional sex therapy.

    Ultimately if she wants to be with you she will stay with you.
    Make sure to tell her it's not her but definitely your problem and you're working on it and would like her to help you.
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    I appreciate you both replying. It means a lot in this period of frustration.
    I feel like we definitely kiss and hold each other a lot. When I do go soft, I definitely switch and try not to let it ruin the vibe, even if I have to finger her to finish her off.
    This is just getting annoying. I just feel like she notices my dick going limp, and later it further spirals into thoughts of “why bother” or “this is gonna be exactly like the last time, where we can’t get it up again.”
    Another thing I’m struggling with is that when she gives me head, but I hold it (thanks to the kegels I’ve been doing) I lose an erection as if I came, but I didn’t ejeculate.
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    Just give it a time and you'll forget about this problem. This is no ed.
    I've got some help with magic pills at the beginning. So happy I've found "GET365VCL" :) in Google, and got V* . Good luck.
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