ED Caused by too much dopamine

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    Hi, I'have been into PMO since 12 years old. I'm 25 now. But I really believe that what gave me ED was edging. As most of you know, edging causes a rush of dopamine, I did edging everytime everyday. Whenever I went to pee I edged, whenever I went to take a shower I edged.

    In my reseraching I've discovered when you are flooded with dopamine, your dopamine receptor get disensibilized.

    And the best way of course to heal is the reboot. I just wanted to know if I really need to take off all the dopamine, as some people say, dopamine fasting, because everything gives dopamine likeexercizes.

    Also I'm drinking ginseng tea, and wanted to know if it's good to stop because some people says that ginseng give dopamine. Any thoughts ? Thanks
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