ED during Sex, Flatline?

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by Calabria, Nov 9, 2019.

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    Hey there

    last night me and a female friend wanted to have sex but I did not manage to get an erection. I had this issue around three weeks ago in October (however the erection disappeared after putting the condom on). What I now noticed is that I am not horny at all and absolutely don't feel like doing something sexual. Is this already the flatline period? I read that it usually starts three weeks in so I am a bit worried that something is wrong. I know I mustn't watch porn in order to find out if my dick is still working and I don't have the intention of doing that (don't even feel like it tbh). However I need some guidance because I feel like a headless chicken at the moment. How long does it take? Should I take viagro or similar stuff when this happens again? Can I do something to speed up the process?

    Cheers for any responses!
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  2. dzigi

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    My flatline started on day one...
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    Flatlines are differnet for everyone. It could be a flatline, but it could also be your still desensitized brain not being ready at all for sex. I really recommend you go at least 60 days without any sexual endeavors. For 60 days, be completely asexual and focus on other stuff. After those 60 days, SLOWLY start building your sexuality back up. That means max 1 orgasm per partner per week and try to take things slow so you can calm down and your brain can take more time to reconnect to the 'factory mode'.
    Do not care for speeding up the process, care for doing the process with purpose and self-love. You NEED to make time to do NoFap. You can't rush the healing of a broken leg too, for example. Give yourself a time-out
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    That happened to me the first time I tried after starting NoFap as well. I took 20mg of the blue pill the next time we tried so I wouldn't have to worry about it and it was fine, though getting the initial erection was still a little tougher than I'd like. I'm about a month into my streak right now but I'm still engaging in sexual endeavours with humans on a weekly basis and I do so without the help of medication now.

    Condom usage is normally risky for me, especially when I try to go multiple rounds, because the sensitivity just isn't there to compensate for the decreased libido that comes along with PIED. Using protection isn't negotiable, though, as safe sex is the only sex I wish to have at this point in my life.

    As for the medication like I took, you need to be careful about it. Your body can become dependent on it just like it was dependent on porn. It's a miracle drug and I absolutely LOVE it, but I have to be reasonable- at the end of the day, ALL of us have addictive personalities and we are all particularly susceptible to overusage of anything that can help us fill a void somewhere else in our lives.

    Worrying about your erection doesn't help, either. During foreplay, putting all of your focus into just having an O until you are ready to rock and roll has done wonders for me. It's practically a form of meditation and I would encourage it to anyone.
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    Day 4 of this streak here...flatline straight away. Managed to have sex last night, but took a while to get going.

    Complete dead dick today though, mega flatline!

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