ED medicine for longer intimacy session

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    My husband loses erection within 2-3 minutes during intercourse and not able to enjoy the session properly, so I get dissatisfy all the time. His doctor prescribed ED medication Kamagra. Does anyone have experience with this medication?
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    All the ED meds do the same thing just through different means, and to varying degrees of potency, and time it last. Kamagra is basically V-iagra, very little difference, should work fine.

    If you want to reverse his condition, I suggest you both research Gainswave, cures ED for lots of guys.

    Also, if he jacks off with a really firm grip, he may have a condition called " death grip syndrome ", basically he's over stimulating his penis with a really strong stimulation source, and it's desensitizing him to the softer touch of a vigina. Entirely reversible if he just stops it, penis will heal itself, and he might not need to the ED meds at all as it heals.
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    I had great success with Extra Super V** it also contains dapoxetine to last longer.
    I've got some help with magic pills at the beginning. So happy I've found "GET365VCL" :) in Google, and got V* . Good luck.
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  4. My experience
    In the first phase it worked perfectly ... 50 mg was too much ... After a month I went up to 50 mg it worked about a year. After a year I still increased to 100 mg today it barely goes with 100 ...
    In my opinion I had orgasms too often and my situation got worse. It is a short-term solution and does not help further aggravate the problem.

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