ED partially cured! - I feel as if a burden has been lifted!!

Discussion in 'Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunctions' started by r_ryan85, Dec 16, 2017.

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    I'm feeling PIED.

    Gfs are very satisfied and keep wanting more all the time.

    First time goes for as long as I wish (used to be more inclined towards PE, now it seems more inclined towards ED?). O's don't seem as intense anymore, kind of more holistic, less penis-focussed. Anyone else have this feeling?

    After 6 months PM free I had a relapse a week ago and bashed out 5 or 6 in one day. My penis even looked wilted, jaded and beaten afterwards, not it's flush normal self. I decided again that this was an aberration and I've since got back to my ways of being PM free.

    When I'm with girls now the first O is ok I'm hard for that, then after a 5 or 10 min recuperation I'm back though the hardness can often fade and become semi-flaccid. I don't get embarrassed and normally can O again even several times, but it's not as satisfying.

    Am I suffering from PIED? ED? What's going on? I'm 30 years old, I wanna be able to stay hard when I'm boning for the second, third or fourth time so I'm feeling like perhaps Viag*a (Sildenafil), Cia*is (Tadalafil) might be a way forward? Or are there alternatives. I'm generally fairly healthy. So smoke one or two cigs a day and have a spliff when I want. But I'm in good shape and can have sex physically for a long time.

    Any advice?
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    I think it takes more than 6 months. I see the full recovery stories mostly are measured by years. Also, if you relapsed then apparently it can set you back.

    C i a li s helped me but now I dont need it any more.

    I can get hard again 2 mins after cumming. I run, workout - 6 days a week. No smoking or drinking. And since August last year no porn either.
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