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ED/PIED - don't be afraid of pills

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by andarf, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. andarf

    andarf Fapstronaut

    OK, so you are having ED/PIED and you are afraid of having sex, because you don't want to embarass yourself. But you want to have sex so much, you are horny.

    What to do?

    Man up and go to your doctor. I started to use sildenafil. It's a perscription drug, not the "superduper penis enlarging stuff" that you have a lot of spam about in your mail box.
    This shit works. It worked in my case and if it worked in my case, it will in yours. Don't be trapped into thinking that this is the "old man's pill". It is not. ED is the XXI century disease, caused of lifestyle, stress and porn.
    What's important, the very fact that you HAVE them will boost your confidence. You don't even have to use them, but you will always know that you have a backup plan, in case things won't go as smooth as you'd want them to.

    Man up, go for some pills. They work.
  2. mattyjsy

    mattyjsy Fapstronaut

    I agree, they can be great when you first start having sex again, to eliminate any performance anxiety resulting from years of pied, and help you enjoy it and rewire to real sex.

    Dependence is the issue though, they should be used responsibly and dosage gradually lowered until you feel you don't need them.

    Sildenefil - the best tool for rewiring - fact
  3. cincinandy

    cincinandy Fapstronaut

    This is interesting to me. I'm new to the community but this was a post I was going to make. I have struggled tremendously with PIED and I've used sildenefil as well as tadalafil to help counter this but I was wondering if this is a healthy sexual practice when you are trying to reboot. It seems like "hard mode" is the way to go to get the most effective reboot but I am pretty active sexually and I just don't know if this is possible for me. So obviously using a pill to help counter the PIED is the only solution.
  4. mattyjsy

    mattyjsy Fapstronaut

    If your sexually active, I'd say these pills would be a great help towards rewiring your brain away from porn and onto real sex. Gradually reducing the dose is crucial though. I reckon I'm ready to start having sex again soon, so I picked up a prescription from the doc. My plan is to use 50mg sildenifil to begin with, as I know even if my pied is gone, the anxiety of the possibility of losing my erection will be enough to make me lose it. And then I'm going to gradually decrease the dose, 50mg, 25mg, 12.5mg and then hopefully having sex without issues without any pills. Like I said though, their a short term tool for rewiring, not a long term solution to the problem
  5. vyat

    vyat Fapstronaut

    I successfully use via**a to combat my PIED flatline. It allowed me to have sex. This took a lot of stress and anxiety (most of which i didn't really realize was there until it was gone), but I'm staying away from pills. Was great as a jump start, but in the long run it's definitely better without.
  6. CalixTOP

    CalixTOP Fapstronaut

    think im gonna do the same
  7. Psalm27:1my light

    Psalm27:1my light Fapstronaut

    Why? Your literally only 31. Unless your sick/ unwell, quit pmo and you won’t need those pills at all!
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  8. InappropriateUsername

    InappropriateUsername Fapstronaut

    If your problem is physical, sure pills are the answer. But most likely it has to do with your mind (PIED, performance anxiety, etc). Pills treat the symptom, not the cause.
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  9. GloriousBastard

    GloriousBastard Fapstronaut

    Is is all about rewire your brain to a human been.
    If you can't get it up, you can't have sex so you can't rewire.
    ED drugs are a big thing...will trap the blood in the penis and so, the erection will last for a longer period, even if the libido is still low.
    Anyway, if the libido is really low, you need manual stimulation to achive that erection.

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