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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by rj5304, Jun 10, 2020.

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    Hello, I am new here, came across this website about a week ago, so please excuse me if I don’t understand all the terms and abbreviations at the minute.

    Ok so my problem is this, I have never had any problems with my penis until January last year, when I started to notice I couldn’t keep my erection when having sex with my girlfriend, which was frustrating as she was the hottest girl I’ve been with. I had never had any issues with the two girls I was with previously. Each time we had sex I could get an erection but then I’d lose it during. First forward to May of this year, I attempted to have sex with a girl again, we had been sexting and I was very turned on, I get to her place and it happens again. I’m not sure if this is porn addiction induced or death grip etc. Even when masturbating I have noticed my erection can come and go throughout. Starting off hard then going soft during but then becoming hard when ejaculating.
    Would like some advice as I would like to get over this and have stronger firmer lasting erections for sex. Any advice would help. Cheers
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    Hi dude, it's up to you to check if it's related to porn regarding how much time you spend watching porn and stuff and especially the type of porn you watch (if it's extreme or not)
    I remember the times i had erection problems during sex, it was always because i was fapping too much during that period, so yeah if you straight and have trouble with erection, it's probably related to porn (Alchool and drugs can cause it too)

    Few days of abstinence gonna get your erections OK, however, if you addicted to porn, good luck leaving the cage because few days of abstinence wont break a long term bad habit that simply.

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