Edging addiction, any way out?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by LonelyBird, Jan 12, 2021.

  1. LonelyBird

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    Wanted to say in last relapse 3 days ago I didn’t edge 10 minutes 2 faps each.

    brain fog was reduced by 30% my estimation.
    people hear can try this on themselves and see the results. In my theory 80% of the damage comes from edging.

    playboy magazines didn’t cause ED depression for men in the 80’s to late 90’s.

    Porn 20% damage
    Edging to porn 80% damage

    you destroy the edging habit and porn is no match
    and you can taste the benefits before you remove porn from your life.
  2. Arnulf

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    Edging is my biggest problem too, and now my T levels are shot. Did you manage to fix the variocele?
  3. wastewater

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    My goal is no PMO. I consider it a relapse if I fail in any part of this acronym. But because I am weak, I edge to P, as I rationalize that it is the better of two evils ( as opposed to full blown PMO ).But after 3-5days(edging) I submit to PMO anyways. That is the irrational mindset of a addict. After reading on this thread, it gives me cause to re-think. If I have to act out, perhaps it is better to complete, instead of edging ?..Better yet, don't put myself in this position in the first place...but that's the whole crux of the matter, isn't it ?.....
  4. Phoenix Beyond

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    wastewater: There is absolutely no point trying to quit PMO when you still are edging to P... Its even better to PMO quick than it is to edge... my advice is to stop edging asap. Do yourself that favour friend :)
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  5. I heard people saying all the time that edging is more dangerous to the mind and body.
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