Edging for more testosterone?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Jun 23, 2017.

  1. First of all I did NoFap for 2 months and I know that it really works but I want to try some other methods as well.

    First question :
    Is it possible to increase your testosterone by edging to porn or without? I'm asking this because when I was edging I felt more energetic during my gym sessions and I was stronger,also I met 3 girls in one week and with two of them had sex.

    Second question:
    Can you edge strategicly before gym sessions?

    If you think that is not a good way to increase testosterone and a good way to improve sexual stamina please explain to me why.

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. FindingAName

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    Seems like the force of nofappers feel disturbed that you found out porn helps
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  3. I Free I

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    This is interesting ... I wonder but I won't act .
  4. Edging is just bad. You cannot have rebooted in just 60 days, so don't kid yourself you can edge (with or without porn).
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  5. SuperFan

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    Edging is pretty much the worst thing you can do for your brain chemistry, sexually. I don't care if you told me I'd pack on 20 lbs. of muscle from edging ... what it does to the brain isn't worth it.

    But if you think it'll help you, knock yourself out.
  6. The_Monk

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    For me, edging only ends up to relapse so i dont do it
  7. Vilcox

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    The less testosterone I have under a date, the better. :p
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  8. I have decided not to do it anyway. I will stick with NoFap.
  9. JesusGreen

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    I can give you some honest first hand experience. See this list below? I've tried all of these differing ways of doing things:

    - Porn, masturbation, and reaching orgasm from masturbation are all allowed.
    - Porn and edging are allowed but not reaching orgasm from masturbation.
    - Porn is allowed but no masturbation whatsoever.
    - Porn is NOT allowed, but masturbating to orgasm is allowed.
    - Porn is NOT allowed, and masturbating to orgasm is not allowed, but edging IS allowed.
    - Porn, masturbation/edging, and masturbating to orgasm are all NOT allowed.

    I'm going to sound a little bit like one of those cheesy clickbait ads now, but: The results may surprise you.

    By far, the option that produced the best results for energy, wellbeing, confidence, etc was cutting out all three of the PMO unholy trinity. No porn, no edging, no orgasm from masturbation (whether you allow orgasm from sex or not is up to you, as long as it's not excessive it won't make a big difference) is what gave the best results.

    So which was next? Was porn the real enemy? Or was masturbation the real enemy? Well, you'd be right in thinking porn was the bigger issue, and that both the other options where porn was not allowed were better than any of the options where it was.

    However, here comes the big surprise: No porn + edging was worse than no porn + masturbating to orgasm normally. Yes, that's right. It was better to finish than to edge.

    You are deluding yourself if you think that edging will give you more energy. That was just a placebo effect. Edging will actually deplete you of energy because edging, just like porn, produces the same dopamine feedback loop, which will desensitise your D2 dopamine receptors, and cause you to get less effect from dopamine. This means you'll have lower energy, decreased strength, etc. If you felt more energy when edging, it was all in your head. The dopaminergic effects of porn are where most of the benefits of abstaining from porn come from - and the same is true for edging. While there is a less important testosterone element, that element is simply due to abstaining from orgasm - and it's so minor it's practically non-existent in comparison to the number porn has done on your dopamine receptors. It is the negative effects on dopamine due to porn and edging that you should be worried about.

    Masturbating to orgasm is actually less of an issue, because the act is short-lived and then ends quickly, so you spend less time flooding your brain with dopamine. It's like the difference between watching porn for 5 minutes and watching porn for 5 hours.

    On top of that, I have to date never had a streak in which I allowed edging that didn't result in a relapse. It's like the IV coke addict who says he'll just sniff one line. I mean, it's not IV, and it's just a small line, what harm could it do? Well, once the line is in his system, dopamine levels skyrocket, and one of the effects of increased dopamine is lowered inhibitions and an increased desire to consume the thing that produced that dopamine rush. So, in your case, edging begets more edging, and other dopaminergic fixes. This increases the desire for porn, and for even more and more excessive amounts of masturbation.

    If you want to maximise energy, then avoid all three: Porn, masturbation, and orgasm(as a result of masturbation)
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  10. Powerous

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    Don't let your mind trick you that edging is okay, it more likely than not will lead to relapsing.
    Best way is to just cut it all out Porn/Masturbation/Orgasm, the long term benefits far exceed the short-term ''pleasure boosts''.
  11. Joyoflife

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    Good points. Just a reminder of another problem with Porn. It's a bit messed up. It makes us associate our sexuality with egocentric objectification of women, and can waste hours and hours of our time. It demotivates us to do productive things, and prevents us wanting to seek out real relationships as much, preferring instead to gratify ourselves in an isolated, detached way. Edging still causes all these things. Orgasm is only one part of the problem. Granted that the orgasm is often what really drains your energy, and the 'hype' of edging can boost your energy (I once remember doing an insane amount of push ups naked whilst watching porn lol) as your brain gets hyper-activated.

    In the long term, however, this is about more than energy drops. I think all of us are here because we really porn affects us at a fundamental level and we want to change that. The fact that you have that much more energy in the gym, in my mind, is no where near enough of a justification for watching porn. If it is, maybe you should remind yourself the reasons you came here in the first place. Equally, that will never be a sustainable model - you cannot go your whole life edging for the thrill and expect not to orgasm. It's the 'dry' way or the high way with porn, I'm afraid.
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  12. Friend, fortunately, that'snot how the dopaminergic apparatus of the brain works. when you edge, testosterone ins being synthesized as sperm is making its way up, so that there's enough testosterone to keep you alive, but since there's no orgasm, it greets more testosterone on the way down. You can really fuck up the dopamine receptors if you edge for longer than 20 mins. Go past that give or take and you're gonna be way too overwhelmed with sexual energy and frustration, your dopamine receptors will indeed take a nap. But the reapsorbtion of semen by the blood inhibits the reuptake of the neurotransmitter, so more dopamine. Edging has been a sacred practice for thousands of years predating nofap and its members who are resentful of mans own capacity for evil when he is in the pursuit of lust
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  13. WayIare

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    Edging leads to relapse.

    That's like an alcoholic sitting in a bar all day drinking cola. Yeah he can do it for a while but eventually he'll snap
  14. Blixteen

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    That's only your assumption. If you such claims that edging is the worst thing, then you should have atleast back it up with some type of evidence.

    Edging has given me many advantages in my daily life. As the NoFap brother said, it increases energy. I have come to the conclusion that is more than a fysical play, it's also spritual. When you decide not to ejaculate you have then decided to keep essential life essence within you. This essence can be translated to energy.

    As Tesla once stated; 'energy can not be destroyed, only transferred or converted'. When you then masturbate without ejaculating you are then increasingly building up strong sexual energy that can only leave your body through semen ejaculation. Although, when that energy is kept within you it Will be converted to a different form that your human body will utilize. It is said that well-known famous people such as Mike Tyson, Mark Zuckerberg etc, have utilized this method for mind clarity.
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  15. IGY

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  16. jtmony08

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    There are better ways to increase your testosterone. Also, you're either making an excuse or fooling yourself to believe you can edge and reset yourself.
  17. hctrazzz

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    that is the placebo effect,porn without fapping increases testosterone ,studies have shown it,and fapping doesnt effect it
  18. shen

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    What garbage is this. It is not true testosterone improvement though, I mean it is an artificial stimulation that causes more harm than good as research shows.

    Edging sure does lift up testosterone, but it is temporary and an addictive thing to be engaging in. It is very misleading for your brain.

    You want higher T all the time then live healthier and that means no porn and no edging.
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  19. shen

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    The irony is not ejaculating is awesome for your brain and body. Think Taoist sex theory and Karezza type non-ejaculatory sex, but that's the difference. It is sex not fapping alone or rather edging your brain into mayhem.
  20. Powerous

    Powerous Fapstronaut

    But then it plummets dramatically afterwards. And 9/10 of the time people that watch P also M...
    It is very rare for PMO addicts to just watch P and not release.

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