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    Dear NoFappers,
    my last post was a very Long time ago, but i learned something new yesterday. And it is About edging. Every time I read something on NoFap and saw it was About edging i skipped it, cause i never tried it and wasnt interested in it. However yesterday it was the first time. Actually im quite proud of my current state in this journey, im over a half year now into NoFap and it helped me alot to think different, my highest Streak was 82 Days btw. Since September 2018 i fapped About 20-30 times, which is Pretty impressive for me, im also in a state where it doesnt bother me as much when i relapse, i just dont think About it anymore and after a relapse i still look positive Forward. One Time i didnt thought About porn for two weeks or something, i just lived or live the NoFap Life, without thinking About the NoFap Life, that was a part of my ultimate Goal here.
    You dont have to argue now that i shouldnt fap at all, cause i do it when i really want to and when its enough time given and when i have no Problems about it, YOU shouldnt do it, when you have a Problem with it.
    However yesterday evening i was bored, i had a Need, a really big Need to stimulate me in any way possible, so i watched porn, ten minutes later or so, i starded to stroke and after some time i was close to cum, like really close, but this time i actually HAD a Problem with fapping (last time was Five days ago, by this time) so i hold it back, it was Pretty hard to do and it felt unnatural and not healthy to do it, it felt like when you driving your car and Need push your break to the Limit, cause an obstacle is in your way, its not good for your car, when you have to do it (yeah i know you NEED to do it when theres an obstacle in a way, but you get the Point). So afterwards i washed my dick clean and went to bed, this morning i still was fucking horny, the first thought i have was about masturbating, my sexual Energy was still there. In the Past when i had really hard and bad Needs to jerk off, i watched some Girls on Instagram or just rubbed my nipples a Little bit, for ten- twenty minutes and then everything was fine. Now i have the same Need as yesterday and i even touched my dick, which was since yesterday a nogo for me on a streak.
    I guess it has something to do with that i couldnt finish and also something to do with that i watched porn of cause. I learned that edging will give you Nothing, its just making Things worse, you will feel the same Need afterwards and its also Pretty hard to hold back, at least for me.
    I put this in this section, cause im obviously not healed and still a Little bit adicted to porn, however not as much as i used to be and the ugly Things i used to fap to, also doesnt turn me on as much as they used to be, which is also a great success.
    But still the Point of this post is, that i wouldnt recommend edging. I learned that its even better to have a full ejaculation then to Edge, at least i think so.
    what are your thoughts about this?
    And yeah sorry for bad Grammar, not my mother tongue.

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