Edging not so bad after all?

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  1. NathanDrake

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    I'm not sure whether this topic fits this forum, but I couldn't find a better one, so please feel free to correct me and I'll post this elsewhere!

    In my personal introduction on NoFap I wrote about me edging and training my stamina because I was only focussed on the O when PM and I ejaculated very quickly.

    Many of you pointed out that edging is very bad and unhealthy and should never be used.
    I agree with that but not totally. As I am rebooting I stopped doing it now of course, but I noticed three big benefits edging gave me:

    I'm not only focussed on the O and I enjoy the process of getting there more

    Whether it was with P or having Sex with my GF, I was/am less focussed on going straight for the O and the act and process of getting there is way more fun and intense

    I feel more in charge of my Penis and the point of no return doesn't surprise me anymore in moments where I don't want/need it

    I last longer in bed and I satisfy my GF better

    Now I'm very curios what you think about this!
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  3. NathanDrake

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    Yeah, but am I the only one who noticed that it also brings a few good aspects?
    I don't mean to justify or downplay edging, but somehow I don't feel like it's bad all in all...
  4. Barnabas_

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    Agree. Once I stopped edging my recovery begun.
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  5. Ethan1982

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    Well i understand you and it may be a correct obervation. But when you stop edging and pmo at all you will realize that you get more sensitive and more full body oriented than just being hypnotized by your penis. In this way you will have more controll and stamina, because you spread your feelings over your while body instrad of trainnng your penis alone. Do you understand what i want to explain?
  6. IGY

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    Did you read the page I linked you to? o_O
  7. bfdet

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    If you see these things as benefits, then why did you write:

    You said that you like being in control of you body (well ... parts of it ...) and you enjoy the build-up more ... but then you said that no problems besides needing "much time in order to ejaculate".

    And regarding satifying your GF ... have you asked her opinion about the length of time you take ? Sometimes prolonged PIV isn't comfortable and is discomfort is certainly not satisfying.

    You posts are conflicted.

    You "need much time to ..." but you seem to want to edge. Healing from "much time" while edging isn't going to happen.

    But you need to do what you think is right for you. At the end of the day, other's opinions are just that - other's opinions. Its your body, and your mind.

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
  8. NathanDrake

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    I see your point!

    I contradicted myself and I formulated my sentence with the problems incorrectly:
    I meant that even though I edged quite a lot I don't have any dysfunctions (big problems) and the only kind of a (small) "problem" is me needing much time, but honestly, now that i thought about it, it's not really a problem.
    I don't see lasting quite long as a negative thing. So for me this was a benefit resulting from the edging.

    But I will definitely talk to my GF about her opinion, that was a very good advice and I'm very thankful for every opinion!
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  9. NathanDrake

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    I just had the time to thoroughly read the page you linked and it's super informative! thank you for that!!
    I never really thought about the impacts edging has on my brain and dopamine.... also the experience reports were super interesting.

    I feel like I'm trying to find at least a few good things about edging, because I did it so long and it would kind of destroy me to think that it was all the time just me destroying myself. And the benefits I named are true for me.

    Day 3 is beginning to end and whether I will someday have a reset or not, one thing is for sure:
    I will never edge again!!
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