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    A few people have been asking me about edging, so I just wanted to write about it.

    So what is edging?

    Edging is mainly achieved via masturbation but can be done with any stimulation including intercourse.
    Edging is when you stimulate your penis to the point of orgasm and ejaculation. At the point when the ejaculation is about to take place you stop, letting the feeling subside and then repeating the exercise over and over. Basically getting close to orgasm and ejaculation without actually letting it happen.

    The Science Bit

    As you become sexually stimulated, the sperm being held in your Epidydimis (the storage area on top of each testicle) will be drawn up through the vas deferens which are the tubes connecting your testicles. As you get closer to orgasm, the testes usually get tighter and mover closer to the body as the sperm is taken up.

    If stimulation continues and orgasm gets closer, the sperm is mixed with seminal fluid from the seminal vesicle and prostate gland. When ejaculation happens semen (containing sperm) is flooded into the base of the urethra and the ejaculation happens.

    With edging this would normally be stopped before the urethra fills with the semen.

    My thoughts on Edging and Semen Retention

    Personally I would never edge or masturbate. As you can see from above, edging removes a good proportion of your sperm from the testes and creates more semen. It puts a strain not only on your testes but also your scrotum, seminal vesicle, prostate and urethra. It can give you some abdominal pain as well as pain in your scrotum (blue balls). The semen then sits in the prostate and urethra with nowhere to go, and takes a while to be reabsorbed. On top of all this, you would probably be left horny and frustrated.

    Another point to make is that many men and boys that are new to edging make the mistake of not stopping at the right moment, and spilling your vital fluid leaving you feeling depressed and upset.

    So I would not recommend masturbation at all, and I certainly would not recommend edging. Leave your sperm where it is meant to be.
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  3. I agree. I have at times struggled with touching and 'gentle stroking'. It's almost like I catch myself doing it.
    In the past especially, when watching porn "hands free" I find that I am very near to orgasm simply with the visual stimulation, such that when I do touch myself, it's almost instantaneous. Fap, fap, BANG. Edging then is masturbation without the happy ending, but in truth the happy ending is only a couple seconds away. Thanks for the info and reminder!
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    I hate edging. Easiest way to 'accidentally' bust a nut.

    What I do enjoy...is having boners when I wake up, and I'm being serious here. Better to wake up with a boner than having to intentionally stimulate your genitals. Primates in the wild dont even do this!
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  5. Thanks for the sciency details.

    Edging is contraindicated with NoFap, because it enhances the negative effect that PMO has on your brain. If you have a denial or chastity fetish, it feeds that as well.
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    I don’t know if it’s just me. But I prefer edging over orgasm.
    I can edge for hours until it hurts or bleed. Then I O when I think that was enough (after my 30 days streak, I couldn’t control it precisely anymore).
    I think if I could edge without any pain I would do it for dozens of hours...
  7. That is a direct result of how the brain works. The addiction requires constant feeding of dopamine, and it steadily grows. You yourself know that — you go for hours until it hurts or bleeds! If that's not escalation, nothing is :)

    Preferring edging to orgasm is because of your addiction.

    You have to stop edging in order to get back to normal. You cannot enjoy real sex with a real person when your brain has been hijacked like that.

    You are five days into your reboot. Keep going. This need for edging will disappear, but it will be a slow process. It will linger in the back of your mind, probably, for several months before something healthy completely replaces it.
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    Since I did my 30 days streak, I didn’t edge too much. It was always quick pmo, but it started to get longer and longer again.
    But I think I will do well in this streak.
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    Technically, a quick fap serves you better than edging. Edging floods your brain with dopamine and causes dopamine insensitivity, which is when a person becomes unable to seek reward because edging and the pleasure from it is the only thing the brain finds rewarding, essentially barring the brain from perceiving other activities as rewarding.

    With a quick fap, you only relapse with that much dopamine flooding the brain. The body recovers quicker from a quick nut than the brains can from excessive dopamine.

    And when you can pursue other useful activities, then you can't use the increased energy from retention. So many of the benefits of retention presume there's no edging.
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  10. good point. Also you're still getting a dopamine hit. When I first did 90s here, I would edge - eventually to the point like you said near orgasm - though not as 'draining' as ejaculation I was still left with a tired, confused feeling... so a lot of the benefits of transmutation are lost...

    If you're edging or even fantasizing sexually to the point of stimulation, you're still using sex as an escape and feel good mechanism rather than taking that energy and truly transmutate it. it took a long time for me to realize it - you can't just realize it you have to feel it in your body - I am still working on this part.
  11. also a great point. While neither is preferred, its better to get it over with and get back to transmutation rather than edge for days and still have your counter intact.
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    I actually experienced this recently. I'm into that "semen retention" thing for like 9 months, and I often manage to stop WAY BEFORE orgasm hit, then wake up with some sleep loss only.
  13. while better than PMO it's still using imaginary sex for escape/dopamine/anxiety relief and as such cuts us off from seeking real intimacy.

    this is a great way to sum it up Thanks!
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    I can't agree with this anymore because it is more true than I can acknowledge:D.
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    Did I edged accidentally? Did I relapse on 261 days? I watched porn because of urge in the morning and as I’m aroused I rubbed my penis twice and felt the orgasmic sensation but quickly leaved it there and go on. In the night again after eating a dinner, I watched a porn and I’m aroused again rubbed my penis once perhaps I’m aroused... I felt the orgasmic sensation again then my penis just go pumping without secreting anything then I leaved it there for 4 mins and saw the pre cum then I go on sleep. The morning I woke up I felt something wet on my penis... shit here we go again I don’t know if its wetdream or it released my sperm the night it hasn’t? Relapse or Retrack?
    • A reset is when you set your counter back to zero (hence the name, "reset").
    • A relapse is when you do something that causes your brain to go backwards in its healing. The dopamine receptors and the neural pathways are both affected.
    When you watch porn, it's always a relapse. Why? Because it does damage to your brain. Even if you don't masturbate, porn is still a relapse. (You should also reset to keep track of your progress.)

    Porn is the worst thing that you can do for this addiction, worse than masturbating.
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