Ejaculated? Change day counter?

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    Would I have to change day counter?

    I did not touch my privates, however, I saw a really hot girl on the internet and kept seeing her(on purpose), so will I have to change day counter?

    I put my situation in the spoiler, or what happened exactly

    I was watching a funny video by a funny person, and then I saw him on a talkshow, and I saw that the talk show host was a very attractive lady, and then I found her name and kept watching videos and viewing pictures of her.

    However, I did not touch my privates, but I did let it stay there and sometimes I would lay on my stomach while doing so

    I kept watching, I tried to turn it off, but to no avail, finally I just kept watching her until I finally ejaculated

    I tried to fight the urge but it was extremely difficult

    God I feel so guilty, worse part I had a 21 day nofap streak.

    Also even if I do have to change day counter, will this affect my health?

    Update: I changed it:(, but I am still hopeful because 21 days of nofap has killed my urge to fap, so in the future I shall have 28 days of nofap or even more!!!:D
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