Ejaculating when having sex

Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by Damon, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Damon

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    What are your thoughts on ejaculating when having sex with a partner? Do you consider NoFap to be just masturbation with ejaculation? If you ejaculate with your partner, is your NoFap challenge/journey still in tact?

  2. JesusGreen

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    Well there are benefits to abstaining from O, just as there are to abstaining from P and M, however, the main problem with O is when it happens too frequently. So my personal view is ejaculatory sex with a partner would not be grounds for a reset, but it would best be spaced out and not every single day, or it too could become a problem.

    There are ways to orgasm without ejaculation, as in the Taoist & tantric practices, so that is always an option if you want the full benefits - although I personally have not learned to do that, I've heard that such a non-ejaculatory orgasm (which can only be achieved with a partner) is a million times better feeling than a standard O, and comes with none of the side effects.

    I'm reading Mantak Chia's "Taoist Secrets of Love" at the moment. Haven't got far into the book yet but I believe it has the techniques for doing this in there.

    Someone on Reddit who has achieved this method of non-ejaculatory orgasm suggested the books "Tantrix Sex for Men" and "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" to me, although this was only yesterday so I've yet to grab copies/check them out yet.
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  3. Damon

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    Thank you, all very interesting, I have never managed and have a non-ejacultory orgasm, but it sounds amazing. I do not have sex very often, so for me I guess I can remain celibate for most of the time. I have no plans to orgasm or ejaculate.

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