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    I started my PMO-free challenge 8 months ago. I'd met a woman I liked and we were going to start a sexual relationship, but it was a disaster because of my delayed ejaculation caused by too much PMO.

    It was exactly that - DE - which killed my previous relationship. To explain: I'm 52 and this is just my third sexual relationship.

    At first, I was under the impression that even while in the act of sex, I had to imagine one of the porn scenarios that I'd got used to, so either I couldn't ejaculate, or it took ages. This caused me some performance anxiety.

    But now, in the last two months, I seem to have got over that, but I feel like a horny teenager - blue balls, and finding it difficult not to ejaculate very quickly after penetration.

    So I'm wondering if I should re-introduce masturbation as a kind of brake?

    As background, I don't live in the same city as my girlfriend and though I see her most weekends, she has a 12-year-old son, so our opportunities for sex are limited. I feel sexually stimulated now whenever I'm with her, but don't always have the opportunity to see it through.

    Also to say that I see huge improvements after 8 months PMO-free. I am not reliant on porn to ejaculate and can actually feel present to my partner during sex and not be hiding in my head somewhere.

    On the down side, in the eight months of our sexual relationship, she hasn't yet had a single orgasm.
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    giving her an orgasm can be tricky, try just giving her oral sometime, set aside an hour with her and tell her you want to try making her cum, also pounding her hard in the right spots will work to. But for women to orgasm they need to be in the right mood, so make her relaxed and dont go straight for sex, do oral first and get her into the mood.
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    I know this is an old thread. Still. There are girl with masive problems in regards to orgasm.
    Talk about it! Has she ever? Only by herself? How did she do it? If she can do it by her self, build trust and be with her when she helps herself. Both try to involve yourselves more and more. Girls using vibrators can get problems geting a normal O.
    Lots of tension in this. Important to let girl know its all right. Eventualy it will be there, or not, and she is a wonderful girl no mater!
  4. Yea ive been with women that cant O from just penetration alone. But then ive had them that O very quickly from just penetration. Incorporate a lot of foreplay and oral. Sometime stimulating the clit with ur fingers while ur pentrating is good too.
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    So next time you see her, and wanna have sex have her show you what makes her have an Orgasm. Whenever I've been with a woman, (It's been a while) ;)
    have her masturbate in front of you. Ask her questions. She'll let you know man, that way you can give her an Orgasm.

    Get a strong vibrator if all else fails. You don't have to have full blown sex Everytime you meet either, take her mind out before her pussy dude. Then she will want to f*uck you

    Oh you will know when a woman f*ucks you dude, and is enjoying herself

    Also, PIED is real. Quit porn and you should be able to ejaculate normally
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