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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by WhiteLion, Dec 21, 2021.

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    Last night my streak ended when my body, without manual stimulation, ejaculated to stop me from doing something that I knew that I did not want to do. I have OCD and I have been doing well in treatment, but last night got to me. I went into old patterns. My body went off as a way of drawing off my attention and I appreciate that I did that, but I am trying to hold my seed in for a full year (excluding dream induced accidents) and so far I struggle getting past a quarter of a year. I know that I am getting better, but this is just so difficult. I will be starting a new job soon that I am excited about, but will make things more challenging. I think I have some unprocessed emotions from years ago that are bothering me.

    What do you like to do to centre yourselves and process your thoughts?
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  2. I think you are doing well. This issue is that u don't have any control of. If you don't force yourself to do it and it happened autometically, than there is nothing u can do. Ur emotions wil pass away. This happens when u are too nervous, but u are doing treatment, so don't get worried. You are on the right track.
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  3. You have a very positive outlook on what just happened!

    I’ve also had spontaneous ejaculations, sometimes out of fear / shame that a woman might see my erection (and/or how small it is … even though ejaculation is even more humiliating!) or in response to intense stress and anxiety.
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    Thanks for your messages guys. The thoughts get to me sometimes, but thoughts come and so do erections. There are so many reasons why we might get erections and we should try the best we can to respect that fact. The nervousness makes the emotions hard to sit with, but I am working on it. The ejaculation came as a surprise, but that was because I have been lackadaisical with the fundamentals of my management strategy. I did not know that yesterdays events would set my off like that. Good to know that I guess.
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    That’s awesome! You resisted the urge to the point your body just functioned on its own!

    It prevented you from doing what you didn’t want to do. That is manual stimulation.

    Just happened to me last night. Not sure if it ends my streak. But my body had to release it somehow after 60 days apparently.

    I guess after decades of PMO, I can’t just easily reabsorb it into my body, it will release it this way, similar to a wet dream. Normal body functioning prior to PMO. If that makes sense.
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    This is probably what 60% of all faps are to take the edge off
  7. In my case it's both. It's build up and anxious release. Although maybe more the latter.
    I've gone 100+ days without release (hard mode) yet I've had spontaneous releases after only 7 days or so.

    It often feels like I'm about to blow after a few weeks, but for the most part the trigger doesn't get pulled without some sort of physical contact. I've had a few occasions of blowing my load while working out, and it's happened to me a couple of times while working hard (physical exertion) . . . at work! :eek:

    But there's been a few times where I'm just so worried about how humiliating it would be that my heart starts racing, panic sets in, and within seconds I'm ejaculating - often before getting an erection.
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    Same here. Realized it’s both physiological & psychological.

    There was an article on Wet Dream Institute (defunct) that explained sperm production (70 days) & storage (90 days).
    Interestingly coinciding with the 90 day reboot.

    So, you're doing great at 100+ days.

    Watch out for days 70-90. It might release on it's own night or day.

    But hard mode really helps around 90+ days since there are much less triggers.

    Another guy posted a copy from the site:

    I get that too—ejaculation before an erection.

    Mostly from prostatic fluid rather than seminal fluid. Yoga & stretches in the pelvic area help relax that area.

    Just read about it from a recent post on prostatic congestion:

    Hope that helps.
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