Ejaculatory time decrease after Nofap, Sensitive Penis

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Rebooter45674, Aug 9, 2019.

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    So, I have noticed this every time in my Nofap streaks (without PMO)
    I am 24 year old and also I have never had SEX in my life. Never tried for a girlfriend or relationship and I donot think I ever will.
    Streaks of 80+ days 60+ and 40+
    1. When I masturbate again, the ejaculatory time period for first ejaculation on a day decreased significantly... even to few seconds... ( when on P for many hours, same result).
    2. Weird type of manifestations of P cravings on Nofap. Psubs then P. For me, searching for P and pretending to get it unknowingly, nowdays has become a more rewarding system than actual P itself.
    3. Every relapse has made my Fetishes weirder and weirder.
    4. More Sensitive Penis (in terms of sensations)
    5. If I masturbate regularly without P, I can make the first time ejaculation on a day to occur after 15 to 20 minutes of stimulation.

    6. I donot feel satisfied if I ejaculate within 2 or 3 minutes. I tend to masturbate again and my Refractory Period (the period to get an erection back after an ejaculation) is between 5 minutes to 20 minutes.
    7. I then masturbate for 2nd or 3rd time. If I did so after my streak ended. I ejaculate within 3 to 7 minutes ( Rarely 10+ minutes). Still I donot feel satisfied.
    8. After that I masturbate again for 3rd time. Most of times, I masturbate for 10 to 20 minutes and then I feel satisfaction. The whole process wastes time and also drains energy sometimes.
    9. I have had masturbated forcefully after first time ejaculation and reduced (forcefully) my refractory period to 1 or 2 minutes and Masturbating continuously till 2nd or 3rd time ejaculation. The process makes me way much tired then If I use natural Refractory Period of my body. But I have had Orgasms without Ejaculation in 2nd or 3rd time if I do so.
    10. Also, a few times M has lead me to P. But now I think I have reached a point where M does not lead me to P. I even do not fantasize when M. M is now keeping me away from all kinds of P or Psubs. Should I give up on NoPMO and focus on only NoP.
    11. I do not encourage or endorse this kind of M. I just want to know viewpoint of others.
    12. Particularly interested in some people's opinion that I have interacted with or are old members or are notable members here on the platform like @johnnybgoode @omega @Tiger uppercut! @bike-wrench @IGY @vxlccm @TimeToQuitNow
    13. Last but not least, at unlucky number 13 (just a number), I want to say I am really worried about going into a relationship or marriage or whatever they are having these days. I have this insecurity and anxiety that I have PE or whatever and I would not be able to satisfy my would be partner. Having said that, I have no particular interest in conventional marriage or relationships or even in the new budding hookup or livein culture. I am more of a conventional kind of guy who believes in Monogamy and sometime I do see myself dreaming about having a relationship or marriage or whatever. But I donot see it as logical or fruitful or worth it kind of thing. I do agree that Porn has destroyed or kind of has been my illness for decades. I am kind of tired of the whole NoPMO process now. Should I only focus on NoP part.
    Any comments or suggestions or advices or opinions are most welcomed from bottom of my heart. If you have read this whole paragraph. I am thankful to you.

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    Well what is your overall goal man in using the NoFap platform? Also, there are plenty of women out there who want the same thing! You just gotta look in the right places! Doing great brother, just know that you CAN please a woman, and do deserve to be in a relationship.
  3. Rebooter45674

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    My overall goal is to get rid of Porn and maintain discipline in my life. Thing is that I donot want to be in a relationship at this moment. But the Insecurity of not able to satisfy my wouldbe partner is there. And, this is such a stupid thing: In one side I am not ready or do not want a relationship or a sexual encounter. While on the other hand I have an insecurity that I might not be able to satisfy her.
    Also, I do have a low self esteem and I am a self loathing person: and I donot think I should marry. But I donot think that has much to do with my stance on marriage or relationships. Its just that being in one, seems to be a lot of investment of time, energy and emotions. You can get hurt emotionally, Physically, mentally, By law and financially. Its not that I donot want to get hurt (you are can get hurt even in a friendship or any kind of relationship). Its just that the stakes are high or very high in a relationship or marriage. I am of the thought that You can live better alone. You would have more freedom, time and even maybe money. I do not know if my logic is of that kind and I am pretty much convinced that you should not be a relationship, from where this insecurity creeps in.
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    Hey Rebooter,

    glad to hear from you and thanks for your post. I think its great that you share your exp, thoughts and asking for other opinions. You know me since I started my first challenge over 50 days ago, and we found ourselves talking about the same kind of fetish. I won't get into your different M exp., because 1.) I never was too much aware of the way I did M and ejaculate, 2.) I believe M is just a lousy replacement of real sex which should be left out at the end of the day.
    I'll try to give you my most honest opinion about the the topics I can maybe help you with.

    I strongly believe that you should go on NoP instead of giving up NoPMO, because that would mean you give up yourself. Going to porn again will just put you back in your old habits, feelings and a bad state of mind. And we both know that you won't just stay on vanilla porn or a "little" bit more exciting porn. Everything would go worse.

    You are afraid of going into a relationship. Thats okay. Same for me. But I think you are just afraid about it, because you actually want to have a relationship, a partner in your life. Wouldn't that be the case, you wouldn't have to be afraid of anything, right?
    I also can understand your anxiety about PE. But even if its the case (which is absolutely not clear - especially when you say you can now get hard even without any P or thoughts), this is something which would heal after some time (there are hundreds of proofed reviews here on NoFap).
    If you would be really (100%) just be interested in the sensation you feel in your penis, I would say continue M is much more convinient than finding a partner. But I know every human needs other humans in his life, especially one he can really connect to, and the closest connection and most satisfaction is to merge with the sexual opposite.

    There is a reason for your behaviour, there is a reason why you prefer to be alone. But you created this reason for yourself, because it prevents you from going for your real existence, desire and facing your anxiety, insecurity and low self-esteem. The way you are expressing yourself here on NoFap shows, that you are at least a smart guy. Probably you are much more then that.
    Like Bob Marley sang "Could you be loved?". What makes you lovable? Start loving your self, the biggest step. If you feel the love for yourself, I promise you somebody else will do it as well. And if you are in that state, your anxiety and insecurity will also be gone.

    Yesterday I was taking three times a walk through the forrest (actually I'm doing this since a couple of days now) and it took me so long to finally feel love for my self like the first time in my life (at least what I remember). Even though I'm already not there anymore, I know in this moment I was just on the stage of my feelings, no thoughts. Try everything to calm down your mind, don't listen to it in the way that you believe or trust it (best of all you try to ignore it completely). Don't identify yourself with your thoughts, just with your sense of feeling. I know its fucking hard, and kind of a fight every day, but actually you have to stop fighting, start accepting where or who you are now, and aim for you true lovely being my friend.

    So my suggestion would be, do NoP over PMO, but be really aware of it, don't create a habit out of it, just take it as temporary solution to not fall on P again. In the long run (better sooner than later) try to quit M again and aim for real sex with somebody you really like, but first of all for aim for your-true-self.

    I remember on a post I just read a few days ago about imagining you find your partner, which is not just your sexual partner, but also becomes your best friend for life, you can share everything with. Not being alone in this world anymore. Not having to talk to yourself the whole time anymore. Isn't that something its worth fighting for?

    Keep strong buddy and stay in touch.
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    Just curious, are these day or night dreams?
  6. Rebooter45674

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    Day dreams... I even had two real dreams. Thank you. I realize that I need discipline in my life and building self esteem takes devotion and time. Also, I need to eliminate whining and self loathing.
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