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    Hi! There are so many little things that helps us on the journey of nofap. I believe that these little things makes more impact than bigger things. I've created this thread to exchange those advice or ideas or whatever it is that are easy to follow. It doesn't have to be related to nofap only any small habit that can help us improve as a human, you can post. Thank you.
    And here's first one from me: What I observed in my case is that when I go bed at night my urges are strong or maybe it's just habit. If I don't fap it gets hard to go to sleep, I'd be staring up at the ceiling for long time. So I've started this new ritual (I differentiate rituals and habits as habits being first stage of ritual something become a ritual when it becomes a part of your day like prayer etc.) wash your feet with warm water and message your soles with oil, it has an instant relaxing effect and calms your whole body. You instantly feel sleepy. You also get a dreamless sleep. It really is good and I feel refreshed in the morning.
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    Thanks for the tip! Bed is a big trigger for me - I've just started taking melatonin which seems to be helping so far also
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