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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Ecco, May 20, 2018.

  1. Ecco

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    "Hi-test monkeys" "Dimwits"

    Some terms that come to mind stumbling across this jerkface's video.

    Now please know I am not attacking Elisha personally but rather from a place of reason and rationality.

    The way this comes off is as dudes justifying PMO as ok every now and then to console themselves about relapsing every now and then.

    Addicts in denial or muscle monkeys dominated by their lower nature hmmmm?

    Kind of looks like he might be shirtless but he uses NoFap in the title on YouTube (like he impresses me...)

    A clickbait video if you ask me.
  2. Ecco

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    Guys I have to apologize for using the term "monkeys".

    Obviously was not a racist remark as the dude above is white lol.

    I mean the first comment on the video really made me understand what he is saying and why people listen to him seriously.

    You gotta learn how to transmute your sexual energy bros. Be careful about lying to yourself and going back to PMO.

    I don't hate this guy, but what he says is a biased opinion not grounded in science.

    I just want to make sure we all understand using porn is garbage for your psychology and brain. Using any at all. It is like blasting meth or heroin or crack cocaine. According to neurological research.
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  3. Soberhopeful

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    A brainscan of a person using porn and of a person using meth, cocaine, heroin looks almost identical.
  4. That guy's face in the video still tells me that he cannot admit to himself he's addicted and controlled by PMO and finds it easier to deny it. Fears being seen as weak.
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    This part of the “apology” is racist itself. So, apparently, the guy isn’t a monkey... because he’s white, lol.


    People are stuck in a lie that masturbation or release is vital for survival. If so, how does an armless person survive? There isn’t a mate around to wank him off every time he needs it, yet he survives. Although I do say there’s a cultic following of NF that claims any release isn’t healthy, which also isn’t true.
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  6. Soberhopeful

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    It is that lie that keeps us enslaved convinced that the next PMO will save us.
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  7. I agree with that guy 100%. He is not saying people to PMO. That guy is just saying that not fapping alone won't improve your life unless you actually use that energy. Just as training and getting yourself in shape to be able to run a marathon will not work, unless you actually show up in a race day and run. In that kind of sense training for a marathon does not work, running it does. I see many people on this forum doing this; they get huge streak and wonder why their life have not changed. Why they still have no girlfriend for example. And then they say nofap does not work. While they haven't even bothered to approach a woman to ask her out.
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    Holy SH*T people are oversensitive. Not everything is racist. You’ve just been conditioned to think like that. Please explain to me why that is racist... and here’s something to think about: What is the huge problem with people just being racist (and not breaking the law)?

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