Embarrassed due to sexual behavior

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by greenmtnboy, Sep 8, 2021.

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    I'm guessing people from every family has been affected by this, you walk in on people having sex. I remember walking in on my brother performing oral sex on a girl while a teenager.

    A few months ago I was downloading a couple lesbian scenes, and apparently left the sound on the computer on and they opened when done. A neighbor who apparently likes to eavesdrop in a neighboring apartment lives with her young daughter. I don't think it would have been all that loud as it is a small HP computer. At any rate she reported it to housing management and I got a visit from management where they did not specifically mention that a neighbor reported it. Legally is this something that at a certain unintentional sound level could get someone in trouble? I'm pretty sure the neighbor reported it to a priest and others.

    Another risk single men take unless their behavior falls into normal expected behavior would be to not be dressed on getting up in the morning. Coming to the door indecent has gotten a lot of people in trouble.
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    Use this as a reminder as to why you should stop porn use
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    I am in property management and have had complaints on people having loud sex once. It sounds like you have a “Karen” next to you and she is overly embarrassed at having to explain things to her daughter. I have heard much worse stores with phones connected to speakers or broadcasting while they are secretly watching porn and jerking it in private. I wouldn’t worry and get connected to some Bluetooth head phones.
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    Signals that you should abandon come in different forms... Listen to what is being "said" to you and consider quitting.
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    images copy 3.jpeg
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    I know something about it. Recently I have enabled google photos sharing from my phone to my wife phone. This prevents me from making silly pictures.

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