Embarrassing fetish need to get rid of ASAP! Help!

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Nujoma, Apr 14, 2020.

  1. Nujoma

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    Hi guys, I’ve got kinda a weird fetish which does sound a bit odd and strange. Since I was small I’ve always had a vore fetish. Basically I would like to be swallowed alive by someone or thing. I get aroused when I see the mouths of people and when people talk about their stomachs. Prefer females. I am in a serious relationship now, we have tried sexual intercourse however I haven’t been able to gain an erection therefore haven’t done it yet and I believe this fetish is the reason why. My girlfriend is very understanding of the erectile disfunction and is in no rush to have sex. I am too embarrassed to admit this fetish to anyone and would do anything to get rid of it. Please help! Thanks
  2. pockethercules

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    bro, everyone has his fetish, but it does not mean that you are different. Just try to divert your mind whenever you think of this fetish. Slowly n slowly it will be faded.
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  3. Nujoma

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    I’ve been trying. Is there anything you could suggest me doing to stop the fetish. Would trying to masturbate to something else help?
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  4. Abstaining from PMO would help. Keep yourself busy, have goals, workout and whenever the fetish hits you just try to think of something else it will be pretty difficult and will take time but you will cure it eventually
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  5. Reneg4de

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    Hi, I also have a fetish i want to work with and i could suggest you to look deep in your fetish, maybe the vore it's related to feel smaller and vulnerable to other person and that's what you like.

    Maybe if you find what make your fetish turn you on you could work with.
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  6. petrafan007

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    look into nuru with your partner. you are not being swallowed alive but the whole body massage might feel like all of you is being paid attention to, if you catch my drift.

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