Emergency Toolbox that helped me a lot during my first 100 Days

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by fercho29, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. Glad you liked it @greg0ry
    I hope you can use it for your own reboot
  2. Thank you @greg0ry for posting
    I am glad you like it, and I hope you can use this staff or something you write by yourself to help you in your reboot
    Keep fighting
  3. I swear this thread has changed me! Thank you. I read this text every day again and again, since then i dont watch any porn!!
  4. Wow @AdamJibril
    You cannot imagine how glad I am to be able to help you like this.
    Keep fighting
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  5. BTW @AdamJibril
    I see that you are Islamic, I am Jewish, my grandparents were born in Damascus, Syria.
    I am happy that we can help each other as brothers (or cousins), our common fight against porn addiction show us that we are nor different and have so many things in common
    Saalam (shalom)
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  6. If a mosque is burning, i am a muslim. If a synagogue is burning, i am a jew and if a church is burning, i am a christian. May Allah guide us all! Waalaykum salam wa rahmatullah.
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    Salam brother, Wow that was so powerful. You couldn't have put it any better.
    Honestly, if reading this doesn't help anyone to quit then I'd be truly amazed.
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  8. Great and inspiring quote, @AdamJibril !!
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  9. I want to add a powerful sentence I read in @britaxe post yesterday, that I will incorporate to my emergency toolbox:

    I'm worth more than a dark room wank to a pixilated babe who name you'll never even know.

    Reading these type of powerful messages are very helpful when I feel an urge
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  10. I just needed to read you graphic list today Bro @fercho29 ... that is a fuckin awesome MUST READ list. I see me there not so long ago... fucking shameful NEVER AGAIN.
  11. I am happy you find this stuff useful @britaxe , glad to know
    It worked very well for me to read this every time I get an urge, it reminds me how low I was feeling as a human being and how much I have moved forward since then
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    Thanks Pal! Your list is thought-provoking! Congrats for the inner will you have cultivated and thanks for sharing your inspirations!
    We wish we can also nurture such strong inner willingness for realizing our higher self.
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  13. I would want also to share this other post from another Fapstronaut, another very powerful statement

    "It's this ethical, moral paralysis that I have been dumbfounded by many times - I've literally have caught myself going into a comatose state and becoming numb in my mind, letting my ethical voice get suspended (I've even acknowledged this happening in the past, but let it happen still), so that one lapsing moment, one-second of consent in will, relinquishes me to the downfall and shit of addiction once again. I've seen it unfold before me many times and have still chosen the sickness. "

    Keep fighting
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  14. I want to add to my emergency toolbox these paragraphs that I took from a motivational video I posted in my video posts page. They gave me power to resist my last urge a couple of nights ago:

    There is nothing as powerful as a change of mind
    You can change everything else, but if you do not change your mind the same experiences will perpetuate over and over again because everything outwardly changes but nothing inside you changes
    If you want to change something in your life , if there is some goal you want to reach, changing your behavior and overcoming negative habits is something challenging and hard
    The only thing that will make you happy is to step up , discover what you are capable and feel that incredible power pushing though wherever is holding you back, and get to the other side
    How much time do you have left ? We do not know. Stop wasting valuable time, if you want something you have to be relentless
    The ability to face sweat again and again without giving up is the power to endure, this is the winner quality. This power only becomes available when somebody is in that state of mind when he or she knows exactly what wants and is fully determined not to quit until they find it
    You are unstoppable, love your life with passion
    I've got what it takes. This is my day, and nothing out here is going to stop

    Keep fighting
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    i watch this for inspiration:

    He's an alcoholic but the message is the same for all of us.
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  16. Thank you for sharing @Heisenberg79
    House of cards is my favorite TV show (even Season 3, which was not the best of them :)
    It is kind of scary to think that "we are just one drink (or PMO) from glory to hell, right?
    This gives us a higher sense of responsibility in this journey. The farther we go, the more we lose if we relapse
    Keep fighting
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  17. It was a few months since I do not add any new material to my online Emergency Toolbox. (although i keep adding to my cell phone version in Notes).

    I want to add this excellent post about the difference between having hardcore thoughts and acting on them.
    This is my current struggle: I do not feel urge to watch porn anymore, but I cannot avoid watching hot persons and getting a bit horny. The difference is how we react on this. I used to take 'mental snapshots" to use later while fapping or watching porn. Now I am learning to let them go; it is not easy some days but I have managed up to now.

    "It is natural to be lured by and enticed by our wrong thoughts or desires, its when we let those thought become reality that we head down the path to death, or in the case of PMO or acting out I usually think of it as the DARKNESS because that is how it makes me feel to the core of my soul... Choosing is our defense against the addict, it is what makes us our true self, it is the reminder that we are responsible for our actions, not our every thought... keep making the right choices where ever you are in the funnel, remembering that you can still get out, and when you do, which I am sure you will again and again (because the funnel is just part of our lives even when we are beyond the current state, because sex is a natural part of our being), be proud because that is the feeling that you want to keep getting... you want the joy of success which is much stronger than the fear of failure...
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    great post , that is exactly what I feel and the crippling effect of masturbation is overwhelming . Congo bro for holding it for such a long period , I hope you maintain this streak until you break out of this evil .
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    This, This seems so familiar to me. It seems to speak saying,

    "This is you before, Should it be you now"

    Thank you. Thank you for posting this and describing us what we look like from someones perspective when we get caught up in watching porn.
  20. Hi @NetherRey , I am glad this text helped you.
    I did not write it by myself, I copied it from a post in Reddit. It was the first post that shocked me so much that I decided to save it in my cell phone Notes to have it handy to read every time I got an urge.
    Afterwards I kept adding more texts to my collection, they helped me a lot during my first three month of recovery
    Fortunately I do not need them anymore, nevertheless I keep adding more stuff I consider valuable
    Keep fighting
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