Emergency Toolbox that helped me a lot during my first 100 Days

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by fercho29, Aug 20, 2015.

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    Wow!! Good for you man dont stop we are all on this together i just wanna ask a question Does edging mean that i did masturbation?
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    But still, Thanks a lot man.
    I will try to make my own list too and see if it helps me build my disgust towards watching P, while M and O are healthy through moderation, excessive M'ing can have health issues too.
  3. Hi @MadJack12
    Edging is when you masturbate for several hours, and every time you are almost ejaculating you stop, so you can "stretch the experience" a bit longer.
    It is very common that we do this as adicts. I used to have 60-90 minutes PMO sessions "thanks" to this trick
  4. Super cool and powerful image, @NetherRey
    If you want to build disgust, here is my recommendation: next time you cannot avoild watching porn and fapping, at least take 30 seconds and put any recording device (Ipad, Iphone, etc) in front of you and start recording.
    I placed the camera in front of me, so I could see the back of my laptop, and my face getting transformed while I was PMOing. I was so sad to see how my eyes were getting blank, like an idiot, and it shocked me the sad face I had 5 seconds after I ejaculated.
    This image helped me to understand that I had an idealistic representation inside my head of how "good: fapping and watching porn was for me, while the expression on my face was not showing that.
    I hope it helps
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  5. Here is another valuable post that I added last week to my Emergency Toolbox, thanks to our friend @galaxim, he is our "librarian of record" at NoFap, always doing a great job reading other people's journals and extracting the best posts. Thank you @galaxim for doing this! :

    "A Slip Does Not Need to Become a Slide":
    If you slip, your addict may tell you to just keep going: ”Since you’ve already slipped, you might as well do more.” But if you start to slip, or you do slip, that doesn’t mean you need to continue to slide. What if you were on a mountainside and you slipped? Would you give up and just keep sliding until you fell off the mountain? Or would you try to get a foothold and keep climbing upward? If you slip in your recovery, you can still stop right there and just keep climbing. You might have some ground to make up, but you can do it. You have the tools.
    A crisis can be a gold mine. That may sound contradictory, but it’s true. For example, if you’re triggered and you successfully resist, you will less likely to be triggered next time. We all live in worlds of chaos and unpredictable moments. When you are prepared, you can turn what could have been a slip into another positive step in your recovery.
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    Fercho, this is a great manifesto! Thanks for this encouraging, well reasoned and well written support!
    Bless you!
  7. Grest to know that this helps @Drift
    Keep fighting and you will be free of this addiction soon
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    thanks.I teared up reading this. Its like there is a devil inside me, and I question if I am that bad a person. Everything gets distorted and takes me time to think back to rationality
  9. You are right @yuri_ sing
    The addiction distorts everything, we do not have a real estimate of what we are doing.
    Eight months clean changed my way of perception of things, I cannot beileve I was so many hours wasting my time in PMO, escorts , etc.
    It was a waste of energy, money and time. I could have used all these resources in charity and positive acts.
    The good thing is that I can do it now, it is a god way of never returning to porn
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  10. I want to share this thoughts from Ekhart Tolle which I find very useful:

    "Another aspect is guilt, which has to do with something one did to someone, or something that one failed to do and should have done.

    The question is : who you were then? No human can act beyond of his level of conscious at that time. You acted like the awareness was not there to act differently. Now the awareness is there , and the awareness is who you truly are."

    Some of you will find during a certain part of your reboot a big sense of guilt and remorse. When your brain start getting rid from the porn addiction, it will show all the wrong things we did, like mistreating your wife, neglecting your family, procrastinating in your job, lying, etc.

    Just remember these things, they will make your reboot easier
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    Hi Fercho29,

    Your posts are really helpful.

    Just want to say thanks. :)
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  12. Thank you @thirty30 , I am glad you found this stuff helpful.
    I have updated and added more quotes in this post if you are interested:

    I wrote some tips in this post that perhaps will help you too:


    You can watch some interesting videos which are also very helpful in this post:


    Keep on fighting
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    Don't know if your still there Fercho, but THANKS for the post.
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  14. This is good reading.really opens my eyes.thanks
  15. I have tears in my eyes when i reading this.
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  16. Thank you so much for your kind post @Mitness . Yep, I am still around, not daily as I used to be, but still like to enter at least once or twice a week to this site. helping other members help me stay grounded and alert, and never forget the hell my life was almost 3 years ago when I started rebooting
    Stay strong, and do not hesitate in using these readings every time you get an urge
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  17. Yep, these readings are very powerful. They remind me why I am still in this fight and why I should never get back to PMO. I love Prague, which part of Czech Republic are you from?
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    Very inspiring
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  19. Im from Brno, Moravia its second major city here, were you here to visit in Prague?
  20. My business partner is Austrian, he married a Czech girl. The wedding was in a town one hour outside Prague. We also visited Czesky Krumlov and Karlovy Vary. Such beautiful places!
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