Emergency Toolbox that helped me during my first 320 days of reboot

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  1. Thank you very much @Exonyte , I am glad you found it useful
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  2. Mark Queppet said today at the NoFap Academy video call:
    "There is a much better life on the other side of porn".

    Very powerful sentence, it reminds me the end song of Les Miserables:
    "Will you join in our crusade?
    Who will be strong and stand with me?
    Somewhere beyond the barricade
    Is there a world you long to see!!!

    Let's keep on fighting, the fight is hard but a better life is waiting for us!!!
    After 22 month PMO free I can testify that this 100% true. We deserve a better life, there is light outside the dark room where we are hidden jerking off with our sweaty hand like animals!
  3. There is a TED Talks Cincinnati video where a guy called Jason Mahr talks about Porn addiction. He was a priest, preaching to his church members not to PMO while he was doing it secretely. He had this double life for many years after he spoke out about his addiction.
    These are the sentences that resonated with me the most:

    "I could not handle rejection, when we get rejected we feel depressed and we look to something to pick us up and helps us feel better and that is when we open the door to the addiction"
    "This is dangerous addiction because it gives us an escape from reality but also a false sense of approval. We become addicted to what it makes us feel approved"
    "How we handle rejection is the key and it is always under our own control"
    "Imagine what would have happened if we would not have allowed the rejections in our life to negatively shape our identity".

    My PMO addiction started when i was bullied, rejected and sexually molested at school when I was 10 years old. The only way I could cope with the guilt and pain of the rejection and abused was hiding behind porn and promiscuous sex for years. I cannot identify more with what this guys is saying.
    You can watch the whole video here:


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  4. Our friend from NoFap en español @ElectroChill translated this beautiful and inspiring post from another Fapstronaut. It is very powerful, it reminds me once again why i am in this war. I was one of these guys who lost 41 years of theri lives in PMO and other sex addictions. I am 52 now and trying to recover so much wasted time in my life. You can Google Translate if you do not speak Spanish:

    "Necesitas creer en ti mismo. Es verdad, quizá necesites un pequeño empujón de parte del foro, pero para todo lo demás necesitas lograrlo tu mismo.

    Puedes lograrlo. No dejes el foro, sigue regresando y aprendiendo. Si, es horrible recaer y si, tu elegiste recaer en vez del foro, pero por ahora estas aquí. Así que deja de agotar la energía que te puede ayudar a cambiar tu vida.

    Es simple. Deja de masturbarte, transmuta la energia en algo más para cambiar tu vida. Tu vida actual es una mierda. Eso es lo que la gente tarda en entender. No te gusta tu vida y por eso escapas. Usa la energía de tu abstinencia a la masturbación para cambiar lo que no te gusta.

    Si nunca le das la oportunidad a la abstinencia, nunca sabrás que pudo ser de tu vida. ¿No te asusta? Tener 40 o 50 años y finalmente abstenerte debido a la baja testosterona, darte cuenta del gran desperdicio de potencial. Todo tu tiempo a la basura.


    Te deseo lo mejor,
    Mantente limpio."
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    Am I glad I came by this thread! Those were great words to read and consider. I am but on a very beginning of my journey here, but this gives me hope and strength. I believe in myself more now, I believe I can get better. Thank you so much for your story, @fercho29
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  7. And here is the English version. Thank you @ElectroChill for sending it and @badeae1 for writing such a powerful post and allowing me to re post it:

    You can do this. Don't leave the forum, keep coming back and keep learning. Yes it sucks to relapse and yes you chose it instead of the forum but your here now. So stop depleting the energy that would help you change your life.

    It is that simple. Stop fapping, transmute the energy to something else to change your life. Your current life sucks. That is what takes time for people to understand. You don't like your life that is why you escape. So use the nofap energy to change what you don't like.

    If you never give nofap a chance, you would never know what your life would turn out to be. Isn't that scary? Being 40 or 50 and finally stopping because of low testosterone gen realizing what a waste it was. All your time in the trash....

    Think about that.

    Wishing you the best
    Stay clean
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    The MOST complete and inspirational post so far in NoFap. I am bookmarking you. And way to hit your 500+ Days man! You deserve to say you've made it.
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  9. Thank you @SkyFallBack . I appreciate your comment. This is a slow fight, every day is a new battle...but we can won it!
    Stay strong
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    Dude thank you for sharing this, I bookmarked it, and will definitely be revisiting it. Also, congrats on your progress, 500+ days is amazing!!!
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    I really hate this post.

    I hate how it true it is

    I hate how it forces me to see the things I don't want to see in myself

    Thank you. This anger will remind me how weak I was weak.

    I won't go back there. Thank you for never letting me forget
  12. Thank you very much @SageHam333
    I am glad you found it useful
    I keep adding more things when I find good stuff, so you are welcome to keep coming back
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    @fercho29 Nothing in this thread but TRUTH. I can't express to you how valuable what you're doing is. You are helping so many people, not only with your words but with the example you set. You give me hope not only that I will be able to rise up out of this PMO morass, but that one day we will no longer have to endure a society where it's such an epidemic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service to humanity and for your personal help to me.
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  14. Thank you so much for your kind message @wwart1020 , your words touch my heart and inspire me to keep fighting
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    Thanks, this helped me so much, we'll, since i'm on day 1 again, the Chaser Effect kicked in hard, this stopped me from masturbating, thank you.
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    Million thanks to you brother, first I congratulate you for your strengths and that you overcame yourself, second I appreciate everything you had written, it's too beneficial to us.

    God Bless you warrior :)
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  17. I am so happy you found it inspiring @Aloha
    Please read this every time you feel urges, it may help you to stop before relapsing
    Stay strong
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    Wow! These words really describe the horrors of PMO addiction! Some of these points are soo good I even unconsciously memorised some of these! Thanks for the words, you are a real inspiration!
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    I love this post! Very powerful!
  20. @fercho29 you have put this so succintly that if NoFap was a physical rehab center, I would petition you become a
    resident professor/therapist there.
    Congrats and thanks for reflecting all of us in your post
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