Emergency Toolbox that helped me during my first 320 days of reboot

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by fercho29, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. You have one of the most eyes opening post here on nofap, thanks for sharing.
  2. Thank you very much for your post @blitzkrieg19 , I hope you are doing great with your reboot
    Stay strong
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    great post.

    I especially like point 15. In the past if I slipped I would almost always be depressed and end up binging, thus undoing all the hard work I had put in. I have learned now that a slip, even if its a very brief PMO, I would forgive myself for. I realise that the shame and guilt just makes it harder to quit the addiction. I now actually feel positive that I nipped it in the bud quickly and moved on. It is almost certain that you haven't undone most of your progress if you simply brush yourself off and keep on trucking. the relapses will come fewer and fewer until you have the mental fortitude to break it for good.

    Because of this I have got myself down to less than very one brief PMO session a month, from endless 3-7 day binge relapse cycles. This is massive progress, I feel better in myself, and believe that soon enough (when I start work and sport back up in September) that I will truly be able to beat this.
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  5. Thank you very much, man. It’s great to know that these poor post he still being useful. Stay strong.
  6. That’s awesome man. I used to have 4-5 PMO sessions per day during 40 years of my life
    It looks now as so much wasted time and energy, I was so fucked up !
    It takes perseverance but this addiction can be fought and we can wil. One battle at a time, one win every day
    Stay strong
  7. Thank You So mch sir
    It really helped me again..i need to follow it the way i followed earlier
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  8. The post is really inspiring bachchaa pls follow it...There r ppl like us who too have the urges but we dont let it becm our addiction. We need to fi8 it...and I knw u can overcome it. You hv other important targets to be fulfilled. Focus on that..and u will find ur urges have come down. If there is a dream still hanging in front of ur eyes.Just grab it. Or u will lose it forever.
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    I don't want to loose my dream, I will achieve it. Need guidance of a guru, who can teach me how to manage my system of energies. I understand this basic fact that higher the sexual drive higher the chances of becoming successful. I just need to channelize my energy. Any advice would be f help Sir.
  10. I recommend you the online course that Mark Queppet created, it is called Reforged Man and you can find it in his Universal Man site @kingbob3
    It is paid but it is 100% worth it
  11. My pleasure @Ganda बच्चा
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  12. This is incredible. Thank you so much!
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  13. My pleasure @Bichiamtheman , I hope it helps your reboot
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  14. Some days life feels better than others.
    I have been struggling with my reboot lately.
    I am having problems with my wife for the last year. She is going through her menopause, is some days very depressed, she gets aggressive with me, etc. This makes me feel sad, my self esteem gets down and urges shows up very soon.
    I have been working on trying not to be affected by this, but sometimes it is very hard.
    Last weekend we had a big fight and i started looking for escorts ads, with the idea of meeting one of them "as a revenge".
    I know how stupid this sounds! Who I am punishing? her? Or me?
    I used to be too addicted to escorts, as much as PMO. I spent thousand of dollar on them, (and a lot of time an energy too).
    Every time I left their apartments (or the hotel room) I felt dirty, like shit.
    Four years ago, when i was with one of them, he told me his story. He was a famous P star on a very famous gay P studio en Europe. He told me how P stars are abused, humiliated, forced to have sex without protection, raped by the owner of the studio, etc. Most of them die young, from drug abuse, domestic violence, etc.
    That day I understood that watching P, or paying escorts or hookers is a felony. We are accomplices of a crime.
    And I promised myself never to do it again.
    Nevertheless, four years later, I am facing some challenges in my life and my marriage, and how do I respond? Instead of standing like a man and support my wife during these bad times...I behave like a child and want to hide once again behind PMO and escorts?
    You know how it feels: the sirens singing, trying to attract you, promising that you will have a great time if you do it.
    that all your problems will fade away. that life will be a pleasure for 10 '.
    But i know better: this is a trap that the little addicted part of my brain is trying to play. It is little because I shrunk it during these past 4 years of hard work.
    I should not let "the monster" get back to life.
    I need to stay alert every minute, and be cautious.
    This is a battle that I need to fight every day. After so many years of reboot we trend to forget that. We think that we won the war.
    That is not quite right. We have won several battles, and the enemy is weak and beaten...but it is still there. Ready to wake up if we allow him.
    Let's keep on fighting
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    This was really helpful, thanks!
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  16. U r an inspiration to me man, u helped numerous of addicts. U had an incredible streak. You can do even much better. Pls dont involve urself anymore in that filthy and temporary world.
    You must do better again n u must have happy n stable life.
    Good Luck
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    @fercho29 - you have helped me too man. Don't go back there - is there another, more healthier way to let off some steam?
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    I wish you all the strength to fight and thrive these trying times.
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    Great post, thanks!
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  20. I see that you are missing love Fercho. You used to go to escorts. Then why not go to church now? You could meet sweet, love-filled people there and get social with them on various church events and days. I used to go to church every Sunday and still relapsed every Saturday. It made me feel guilty and unworthy. Until one Sunday moorning, when going to church right after relapse, God showed me His plan to me - He was teaching me to understand those people who I didn't understood during my big streak - people who would go to church every day and still relapse to PMO every day. It helped to understand how people are weak. Now it's not necessary go to heavy religious churches like Catholic or Lutheran. You can go to a baptist or a summer church. You are approaching the age when its time to think about the afterlife and get it right with God. He has a plan for everyone. It depends on us we are stepping into His plan or not. Sure PMO was not his plan for you but best is yet to come. Lots of love and respect from Latvia!
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