Emergency Toolbox that helped me during my first 320 days of reboot

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by fercho29, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. I appreciate your kind words @Ganda बच्चा , having helped so many guys here is very rewarding and make me feel useful and happy
    You are right, it is not worth getting back to hell once you saw the face of the devil once
    I will keep fighting to stay in course, and helping others in need
    Stay strong
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  2. Thank you so much @im_alive , this the amazing thing of this group.
    We can support one to the other when we feel weak.
    Yes, I am at the gym right now, 40’ bicycle gets my urges much weaker
    Meditation helps me too.
    I need to storm this bad weather as I did before...there is sun on the other side of the gray clouds
    How are you doing with your reboot?
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    No problem - @fercho29 - you've helped me loads in the past, glad to be able to return the favour.

    Yes the bike will make the urges weaker! And there will be sunshine for you.

    I'm doing OK at the moment - on 30 days which to be honest, is the furthest I have ever been clean. Just taking it day by day though.
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    I agree with you. Just by visiting religious pious places you get a lot of positive vibes and energy. Through time many people visited that place with yearning and pure mind so that place became a source of positivity. I have experienced it myself. This socializing thing is new I learnt thanks. Will try this.
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    I'm new to the forum, even though I tried NoFap for the last couple of years, but was never able to go more than a few days. Reading this post was like a slap in the face, and may very well save my life. Thank you for posting it. I can honestly say that before I heard about NoFap, I never realized I had a problem, I just chalked it up to not having a real partner, and so was just letting off steam. But trying to stop it and realizing it's not the physical urges that are hard to ignore, it's the MENTAL urges that trip me up. The way my mind twists and contorts itself to justify relapsing. That's what made me realize I was, in fact, an addict. So, once again, this post made all the difference for me, and I thank you for it. I hope you are doing well in your own struggles, @fercho29 .
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    An excellent post... not sure how I've not seen it earlier
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  7. @Aquilon81 and @Uncomfortably Numb , I am glad you liked it.
    You can copy this posts and have it handy in your cell phone or any other place where you can read them when urges come.
    It helped me to get "out of autopilot" and avoid relapsing many times in the past
    Stay strong
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    You are very right
  9. Yogui2022

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    Gracias por tus palabras Fercho29 . Me ayudaron mucho
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  10. Me alegro mucho hermano. Espero que te sirvan en los momentos en que estás más tentado. Que siga la lucha