EMF exposure and health risks: depression, infertility, RLS, anxiety, etc.

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How much time do you spend in front of/near a wireless device each day?

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  1. bken

    bken Fapstronaut

    I swear that any time I spend time on the computer I get restless legs.

    I'm already in serious nofap withdrawal and am limiting my EMF exposure for this reason. Apparently EMF radiation poses certain health risks. From what I've read online Steve Jobs prevented his kids from spending too much time on wireless devices. That's saying a lot, isn't it?

    I won't go as far as moving to a green zone or throwing my laptop out of the window or anything like that but I think it's a topic that deserves serious attention. The boom in all of these diseases since the rise of technology and associated use, often times heavy usage, is probably not a coincidence. It is my opinion that technology goes against human nature and disrupts biological equilibrium, which most likely paves the way for modern diseases such as depression or even cancer. And again, addiction plays a role in this. I mean, how much time on social media do we really need? When I don't access facebook for a day I will even get e-mails to notify me of 'missed' activity. It's just absurd. It's almost as if you are alien if you don't access whatever social media for a couple of hours!

    I've included a poll to get an idea of how much time is spent online on a daily basis on average.

    What are your thoughts and how much EMF exposure do you get each day? How aware are you of these risks, and if so, do you take measures, e.g. by avoiding carrying your cell phone in your pockets, etc.?

    Thanks for your responses in advance
  2. TantusJulius

    TantusJulius Fapstronaut

    Wireless technology disturb our sleep for sure, our brain recognize wifi signals as it is still daytime outside, so we end up producing less melatonin.

    My theory pmo withdrawal = increased EMF sensitivity.
    Site about reported studies:
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