Emily Dickinson Poetry

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  1. What's your favourite Emily Dickinson poem? What do you think of her?
    Feel free to share a poem she wrote.

    I can somewhat relate to her because she purposefully isolated herself from people and from the age of 35 she never left her house. Some of her poems are simply hilarious and some have some serious observations. Some Keep the Sabbath Going to Church and I'm a Nobody! Who Are You? makes me laugh but the first ever poem I read but her was Tell All the Truth, But Tell it Slant. It's more serious than some of her other poems and makes some good point. Nowadays we're not good at telling the truth in a slanted way and I think that's one of the problems with society today.

    Tell all the Truth but tell it slant --
    Success in Circuit lies
    Too bright for our infirm Delight
    The Truth's superb surprise

    As Lightning to the Children eased
    With explanation kind
    The Truth must dazzle gradually
    Or every man be blind --

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