emotional and spiritual growth?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Wazzai, Oct 12, 2017.

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    I have been going through my own version of emotional and spiritual growth over the last couple of years and I have most certainly come a long way, but a thought struck me. How could I possibly know if i grew at all when i have no idea what growth even means.

    I've updated views and opinions according to what people wiser than me have said and I got past that initial 'I mean and know nothing' attitude and just started living with it.

    I wouldn't disagree if someone said that I've grown. I couldn't really agree either.

    My question is how would both be defined?
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    Growth is positive change. You know those videos with people taking pictures every day for training? That change over time is growth.

    Emotional growth would be how you develop in controlling your emotions. Many people allow emotions to get the best of them all the time. Trust me, I've seen it happen a lot. Being able to control and have a deeper understanding of your emotions, though, is growth.

    I can't define spiritual growth for you, as there is no real definition of spirit. I don't know if you are Christian, Muslim, New Age beliver, or anything really. You have to define it for yourself. That's what I got.
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    Hi Wazzai
    First, to ask the question of what is growth is a sign that you are growing. That your consciousness is expanding. This is a great vantage point and your not knowing I would say is the part of you that is in the mystery which holds the entire universe. The mind cannot know but we can stay open to experience what is here. Just because we don't know how far away the sun is, doesn't mean we don't benefit from it.

    My experience if it is of value to you is this, I find that growth comes with commitment.
    In terms of emotion and Spirit these are two elements that modern western culture is gradually moving more towards.

    Emotion in my experience is not something that needs to be fixed or controlled. Try to control a feeling and see what happens? Ever tried to not feel aroused or angry? It's like holding a balloon under water, gradually after so long you grow tired and the emotion comes up when you weren't expecting it.

    When there is a challenging emotion, generally it's something that is sought to be avoided. Either by watching porn or by distraction in some other shape or form.

    Gauge growth both emotional and spiritual by the degree of peace experienced in life.
    Look at the relationships you have with people in your life. What quality are they? The self is the predominant person in these relationships and if this self is at peace and can accomodate any feeling that surfaces than we can say that the Spirit has evolved. When the Spirit can traverse all states of consciousness without losing it's own sense of awareness then there is freedom. Most people often long for a feeling that is different from what the present moment offers and hence are in resistance to life, which is predominantly why addiction serves to draw us away from what we value. Most addictions serve to distract what is true. It is a distortion of what in our own heart gives lasting peace. We have to come home first and be with what is here already. The chasing of something outside of the self rests in a idea that we are not already enough. Porn capitalises on this chasing by creating entertainment for the mind by feeding distraction. Entertainment is sought when we are uncomfortable with simply being with what is present.
    To gauge growth, I suggest checking to see if there is a chasing externally for things to find your sense of self. Or if there is already contentment within you without looking externally in relationships, food, belongings and life experiences. If you are finding that less and less you are needing to look outwards for fulfillment, I would say you are growing my friend.
    I hope this helps Wazzai

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