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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by stu123, Dec 17, 2019.

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    I've been watching NoFap from the sidelines for awhile. I quite Porn early this year and have had a lot of success with that, only rarely peeking at porn substitutes. It really totally ruined the way I related to others in and out of relationships and I'm so glad that's gone.

    I've struggled a little bit more to master the MO part. I tried a hard reboot and did well-ish, I got to 46 days, only wavering a little here and there but definitely no Os. A week or two ago my gf and me broke up and that totally threw me. (For context me and my gf had chosen to not sleep together during the last year of our relationship - religious reasons, not here to promote that FYI). I've been handling the breakup fairly well, speaking to others, dealing with my emotions and not bottling them up. BUT, it's made me feel a lot more aware of other women and definitely weakened my resolve.

    Last night I had one too many drinks and broke my streak. Could do with some encouragement that I can and should keep resisting and that I can get there.

    Thanks in advance, Stu.
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    Hi dude! congratulations for your progress so far!
    Sorry to hear you've broken up, at least you tried, is not easy find someone to share the life with, even more when we are drunk.
    I'm sure you will meet that someone, but take it easy and keep smiling
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    That's a strong decision that you decided to quit this habit. This is the first step. As you already decided to quit and have strong reasons for it you can do it. I personally in the last year managed to quit for more than 100 days when I was in a little bit similar situation (I was in friendzone for more than a year and than I realized that there are no chances what depressed me).
    Good luck
  4. stu123

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    Thank you guys! Appreciate it.
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  5. LokiReformed

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    You've done a lot already. Seriously. Take what you know about yourself and make a plan, not just for the addiction but who you want to be now that this relationship is over. Breakups are always hard, but don't lose sight of your future self that you're working toward.
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    Hey stu, first off congratulations on that streak man thats awesome!! Second I understand the MO part. I've been struggling as well so ur not alone in that buddy. Third dont beat urself up. Start again my friend u got this.

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